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i Profumi di Firenze, Jeunesse, Beautyhabit

i Profumi di Firenze as seen on

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Jeunesse by i Profumi di Firenze: New Perfume Review: I Profumi di Firenze Jeunesse – French Impressionism

In November 2014, Giovanni di Massimo composed Jeunesse, (translated from French it means Girlhood) a white floral with just enough lavender and musk.... It begins with a very floral lily of the valley note and a pithy bergamot, which quickly slides into a lavender and gardenia heart.

Each individual note is downy soft, nearly swaddled – rather than sharply etched. It can be compared to French Impressionist Art, at first seemingly ordinary but the scent shifts with light and movement. This is a hallmark of the line – an ethereal gauziness that is instantly calming, sophisticated and playful.

There is an ease and expanse to I Profumi di Firenze Jeunesse that somehow soothes the bones and muscles. And, despite its name and the gauzy demeanor, I find that it could easily be worn by men as well as women. The serenity it imparts is the thing here; not strong statements about gender. By the time your nose has encountered their perfumes, you know you’re in a very private, very welcoming place. The base notes of jasmine and white musk anchor the drydown while still very much keeping the white floral appeal going strong as the perfume winds down.

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