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Child Perfume Roll On by Child Perfume: Why You Should Update Your Fragrance for Vacation

The best memories are usually created while soaking up the sun on vacation. It’s no wonder specific scents from our favorite destinations—like island gardenias or fresh cut grass—bring a smile to our face. This association can literally transport you from your cubicle to the tropics, which is why so many fragrances we pack for trips end up becoming mainstays in our beauty cabinet. We asked Team Zoe what perfumes they will be traveling with this summer—the resulting list is a mix of under-the-radar eau de parfums, unisex colognes and iconic fragrances. One thing is for sure, a vacation scent has the power to last much longer than your actual trip.

Beauty Editor, Stephanie Montes
“The first time I went to New York City, I packed the only travel-sized perfume I owned and wore it the entire time I was there. Now every time I wear Child Perfume, the smell of vanilla, jasmine and musk takes me back. Fun fact: I got two compliments on it by two different strangers on the same day.” 

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