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Eye Gloss S Firmament (02) by Paul & Joe: 17 Eyeshadows You Don't Need A Brush To Apply

When we think about eyeshadows we probably think about pretty palettes and all of the cool makeup looks we can create with them. Sometimes we forget that eyeshadows come in different formulas besides powder. We shouldn’t. Not only do cream, liquid and pencil formulas give us unique finishes, you don’t need to use a brush with a lot of them. (However, you can use a brush if you really want to.) Instead of figuring out what eyeshadow brush to use where, keep things simple by using products that you can apply with your fingers or the handy built-in applicators.

Eye Gloss S In 02 Firmament
You love a dewy complexion, so who wouldn’t like an eyeshadow with a dewy finish? This serum formula is moisturizing and gives you a shiny veil of color that will last all day.

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