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KYPRIS as seen on

...and available online at Beautyhabit:

Serums by KYPRIS: The Beauty Oil Retailers Can’t Keep On Their Shelves

Originally launched in 2012 in the integrative-medicine market, the line was then re-developed and quietly premiered as a luxury beauty collection last summer. Its current portfolio boasts three beauty elixirs — active, essential-oil blends with formulas for healing, moisturizing, and brightening — plus three serums for clarity, radiance, and smoothing. Kypris just started rolling out to high-end retailers: Beautyhabit announced the line to its customers just last week, and a rep says it’s been very well-received.

That might be a bit of an understatement: From what we’ve heard, it's doing gangbusters. It’s easy to see why. Beautiful packaging, top-quality organic ingredients, and dreamy formulations make this one of those rare brands that walks the fine line of organic, luxurious, and efficacious. All of those reasons have gotten people spreading the word about this under-the-radar gem.

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