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Blax + Smoothies, Pastel Flower with Crystal Bobby Pins, Beautyhabit

Blax + Smoothies as seen on

...and available online at Beautyhabit:

Pastel Flower with Crystal Bobby Pins by Blax + Smoothies: Pack The Best Festival Beauty Kit, Ever

Coachella, the unofficial start of festival season, will be kicking off a jam-packed music lineup next month.... But all of that travel and climate-hopping could also wear out your complexion. That’s why devising a pared-down packing strategy is key. Your beauty stash needs to meet TSA standards, be spill-proof, and condensed enough to tote around festival grounds.

But don’t get your boho skirts in a twist. We sourced the best multi-tasking, long-lasting, compact, and just plain gorgeous offerings this side of the stage. Sing it, ladies. Flower crowns? Yawn. If you like the floral vibe, but don’t fancy turning your head into a topiary, these adorable blossom-adorned bobby pins are just the thing. Joico stylist Paul Norton suggests using them to punctuate a messy braid or topknot. Blax + Smoothies Pastel Flower with Crystal Bobby Pins are also a sweet way to get sweaty bangs off your face.

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