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Sabe Masson, Artist Le Soft Perfume, Beautyhabit

Sabe Masson as seen on

...and available online at Beautyhabit:

Artist Le Soft Perfume by Sabe Masson: 25 Of The Coolest Non-Basic Fragrances You’ll Be Wearing This Fall

Solid perfumes can be hit or miss — sometimes they’re melty, sometimes they’re greasy, sometimes they don’t smell like much. But this new brand created by Isabelle “Sabé” Masson (who helped found a little cosmetics company called Sephora), is both highly concentrated and made with a blend of oils and butters (shea, tiare, mango) to help the fragrances blend into the skin and stay put. Priced at a reasonable $25, and with 15+ scents that span from florals to leathers, it’s a low-risk way to try something new. Artist Le Soft Perfume by Sabe Masson.

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