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Fresh Lemons Cold Cream byKensington Apothecary: Baby, It's Cold (Cream)

It’s that time of year when my thoughts turn to Skin Care.  I’mo be honest – Spring/Summer I mostly do the cleanse/sunscreen regimen and I’m OUT!  Lots of Outside Time and it’s finally time to OPEN THE WINDOWS and turn off that damn gas-forced air heat.  I know, I know – I’d be the first one howling like a 2 yr old if it goes out in February.  But there’s no denying that heating is rough AF on the skin.   So, when the Equinox swings towards the Winter Solstice and I have to close the windows, I can feel my skin saying ‘but Mommmm!  Do we HAVE to?  Can’t we just go to Puerto Vallarta or Maui until May?”  Alas, darling skin, we are Broke AF.   Also alas, we do not have a Winter Palace in Palm Springs.  So.  Let’s do what we can to stave off the itching and scratching of the Dermal Apocalypse, shall we?”

The first thing I turn to, come November, is cold cream.  I don’t know how I came to love it so much but it’s one of those little pleasures that helps get me through these insane days when it’s pitch-effin-dark at 4:45p.  Instead of curling into a ball and sleeping until mid-March, I turn my evenings into Spa.  And the first thing I do is slap some cold cream on my face.  I think it’s because, like so many women of my generation, I watched my mother and grandmother do it – and their skin was flawless!  When I think of cold cream I think of Grace Kelly (who, purportedly, never used soap on her flawless face, only cold cream).

Kensington Apothecary Fresh Lemons Cold Cream. From the great smell and feel to the beauty of the inside of the box (omg.  I am SUCH a ‘girl’ – I can’t get rid of the box because the inside is a soft pink.  Kill. Me. Now. ) – this is a great cream.  I’m going to be honest, though: I think this cream is, for me, better as a Summer cold cream.  It’s gorgeous and effective but the citrus is just a bit bitey for my dry Winter skin.  I could see this working like a charm in July, though, when I come in from an 80F day and feel greasy and dirty but don’t want to use soap.  But omg.  Any time of the year? It smells DIVINE! 

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