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Rosa Greta Eau de Parfum by Eau d'Italie: Garbo Smells! Rosa Greta Giveaway

Garbo.  Greta Garbo.  Is there anyone in the Universe who doesn’t at least know The Name?  I did a quick poll of friends across gender and generation lines and found one thing in common:  they all know The Name.  Most of them have not seen any of her films and they couldn’t really tell you anything about her – not the era of her stardom or even if she’s still alive (several of my younger pollsters thought she might still be, which would be a near Vulcan-like feat, considering she was born in 1905) – what every one of the 8 people I polled agreed with, Garbo is synonymous with Old Hollywood Glamour.

Her love life was always a mystery – depending upon the source(s) she was  possibly bisexual and possibly polyamorous.  What we do know is, she was intensely private – and that, in and of itself, has a glamour all its own, especially if you are beautiful, wealthy and very, very famous.  Story tells it that in 1938 Miss Garbo left Munich for Ravello on the Amalfi Coast, to be with the noted symphony conductor Leopold Stokowski in preparation for their anticipated marriage – the marriage never happened but you can imagine that the 1938 versions of TMZ and Twitter went bonkers over the story (the photo accompanying the story makes her look like she’s just faced a firing squad but it’s probably just a really old microfiche).  Just imagine, the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, with its wild roses and lemon groves, one of the most beautiful and most famous women in existence, in a tryst with a musician who was famous in his own right.  The Stuff of Legend.

I’ve only been to the Amalfi Coast once, decades ago,  – but I shall remember it forever.  For a young woman, traveling with a lover, it is a sublime journey full of sunlight, wine, the intoxicating smells of the countryside and the sea…the cliffs, towns and villages that looked as if they’d stayed the same since Garbo’s time – and we were not Garbo & Stokowski.  I can only imagine their experience went to Eleven!

In Rosa Greta Eau d’Italie has  captured the essence of the Amalfi Coast in springtime, full of those wild roses and lemon groves and sunlight. Every spritz is a burst of sunshine and sea air, roses, herbs and citrus are carried on the breeze and everything (even the fishmonger at the market stall) is breathtakingly romantic.  I imagine Garbo in boycut trousers and a crisp white shirt, just a hint of Rosa Greta at her pulsepoints, off to the market to get the best wine and the freshest catch for the cook to prepare for that evening’s meal, on the terrace, high above the sea.

I can go on about this because this really is one of my favorite areas in the world but I'd rather give you a chance to try it for yourself. Beautyhabit – my beautiful, wonderful BEAUTYHABIT – sent me 2 samples... AND a FULL BOTTLE of this lovely scent.

I would love to keep it all for ME – but that would be mean.  So!  I am going to do a giveaway for the full bottle and both samples!  Where is your most romantic destination?  Real life or fantasy.  Tell me a little story about it.  I’ll have The Girl (a true romantic) pull 3 names – two will win the sample size and one lucky romantic will receive the beautiful full bottle.  This giveaway is open to all but closes on July 11!

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