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Child Perfume, Child Roll On, Beautyhabit

Child Perfume as seen on

...and available online at Beautyhabit:

Child Perfume Roll On by Child Perfume: Oooh, Child!

Well!  It’s finally stopped raining – at least for a couple of days – and the garden is losing its mind, with roses budding out ahead of the irises, etc (I think I already yabbered on about that). Hostas going wild, jumping up 5″ in a day! Plants really do prefer rain to hose water – and why not! I couldn’t get out in the garden for a week, it was so cold and wet, so I spent that time sampling Child. I think I was in the throes of Something or Other when it first came out because I remember it showing up at Barneys – but that’s all I remember. Now it’s at Beautyhabit and they were kind enough to send me a little sample bag, so I was able to take some time with it. I didn’t realize Child has a perfume roll-on – I likes it! Something about roll-ons soften a lot of perfumes, bringing them closer in to the skin. Not that Child needs any particular help with that – the notes are the epitome of Soft and Pretty, which you know I love:

Top: Vanilla, Lilac, Faint Magnolia.
Heart: Jasmine, Tuberose, Violet.
Base: Crème Musk, Rose, Mimosa.

Not sure what Crème Musk is but whatever it is, it doesn’t overpower the warm flowers, which is great, and it gives the perfume a nice, solid (but not overwhelming) ‘bottom’. I wore Child Perfume for 3 days in a row and got so many compliments! Interestingly, not one of the compliments was ‘what perfume are you wearing?’ – all of them were ‘wow. you smell GREAT!’. It’s a non-skin scent that succeeds in being a perfect skin scent. To me, Child smells like a place – or, rather, a place in time. Every time I open the rollerball I’m transported back…but I can’t quite pinpoint where it is I am. One minute it’s 1972 and I’m in Love’s Baby Soft, listening to ‘Baby I’ma Want You’ and sighing over the Senior guys. The next I am in 1954, in a kitchen with a pink table and chairs, which is strange because I wasn’t yet born. But there ya go. It’s a cozy, close scent, the roll-on, perfect for wearing (dare I say it) even in an office environment ( assuming you don’t work in an office full of jackbooted Perfume Brownshirts). The vanilla warms up the violet and, oddly enough, tames the tuberose, so you don’t get any one note – the whole thing is shimmering and seamless and makes me feel like I’m wearing a polished cotton shirt, even when I’m wearing some tshirt out of the work drawer and my favorite yoga pants,with the wear hole above the left knee. I prefer the roll-on to the spray.

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