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Sabe Masson, Le Soft Perfume, Beautyhabit

Sabe Masson as seen on

...and available online at Beautyhabit:

Le Soft Perfume by Sabe Masson: Soft Spring - Le Soft Perfume

First off, they are solid perfumes, from Isabelle Masson of Crazylibellule and the Poppies fame (remember her ‘perfumes on a stick’?) – they are easy to apply and not quite as harsh on application. My favorite is Copacabana, from the Tiare line (Tiare flowers macerated in coconut oil).  It comes down on the green side of floral, rather than all coconut and suntan oil. And…may I tell you just how much I appreciate this deviation from tradition? It’s delicious! Sabé Masson Le Soft Perfume.

Nemamiah is from the Shea Butter line. This is a perky little thing, perfect for a sunny day!  A whole bunch of my favorite fruits: orange/passionfruit/apple/mango. It manages to stay juicy in a good way, which is no small feat!  

Parisian Rhapsody, from the Tamanu Mango collection, is the ‘nice’ of the three but that’s only because its powdery softness is Not My Thing. It’s pretty as a garden, though and I actually like the collection of notes and imagine this would be a delight on someone who likes softer, powdery scents.

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