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ALTAIA, Atacama, Eau de Parfum, Beautyhabit

ALTAIA as seen On Out.com...

...and available online at Beautyhabit

ALTAIA Atacama Eau de Parfum - 18 Must-Have Future Scents For Queer Men, Shown Off By Bruno Alcantara

Parfum, eau de toilette, and cologne, in that order, define the pungency and potency of all scents. Spring is prime season for all of us to awaken new methods to make ourselves more noticeable (desirable). Breathe deeply. Fragrance has been an age-old symbol of individualized personalization....


“Rain is scarce.” ALTAIA’s story symbolizes the brand. Fashioned after one of the highest and driest deserts on the planet, Atacama Eau de Parfum weaves seasons of salts, clary sage, tonka bean, and cashmere wood. They’ll surely think you’re related to Venus, goddess of sex and desire.

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