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Ligne St. Barth, Sea Breeze Collection, Beautyhabit

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Sea Breeze Collection by Ligne St. Barth: Caribbean Sunshine in a Bottle

Would you like to channel the easy-going nature of life in the Caribbean, even if you can’t get there? Well now you can with these splashes from Ligne St. Barth. It combines traditional secrets of the island passed down from generation to generation, bountiful natural resources and modern scientific progress for a truly decadent line with a carefree touch. The Sea Breeze Collection consists of three delightful products that will instantly sweep you away, pervaded with the scent of spices and drenched with sunshine:

Blue Lagoon Shower Gel: This light and seductive azure blue shower gel warms with the water to release a fragrance of the sea with a touch of musk, transporting you to far-off lands. Green and pure notes of driftwood are swept along in a salty wave of sensual splendor.

Sunsplash Face and Body Splash: This light, dusty, rose-colored water moisturizes, refreshes, and tones your face and body without being sticky. The delicately colorful notes of citrus fruit, hibiscus, and jasmine assemble like precious pearls of dew hidden inside the folds of leaves.

Premium Care Oil Hair and Skincare Oil: Like a liquid sunset swathing your skin, this golden, glimmering elixir intensely nourishes and protects your face, hair and body. This sublime oil is exceptionally velvety, cloaking the body with a smooth, woody fragrance of hot sand.

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