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Berdoues, Cologne Grand Crus, Beautyhabit

Berdoues as seen on

...and available online at Beautyhabit:

Cologne Grand Crus by Berdoues: Best New Cosmetics and Beauty Products for Fall

Spotlight On: Berdoues Grands Crus The six eaux de cologne from Berdoues, a 100-year-old French fragrance house, take you on an olfactory trip around the globe without your ever having to leave the comfort of home. Experience the majestic cedars of Lebanon in Arz El Rab, or Japan’s delicate cherry blossoms in Somei Yoshino. The remaining, equally far-flung compositions include Sicilian sweet citrus, earthy Brazilian botanicals from the lush Amazon rainforest, malty Indian Assam tea leaves, and Malaysian oud. Each is encased in a display-worthy silk-screened glass bottle.

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