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Paul & Joe, Limited Edition Stick Highlighter (001), Beautyhabit

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Limited Edition Stick Highlighter (001) by Paul & Joe:The 5 Truly Excellent Beauty Products I’m Loving This Week

My real, no-bullshit reviews of new products you’ll actually want to buy.

1. Paul & Joe Limited Editor Stick Highlighter

WHY I LOVE IT: Aside from the fact that it’s freaking adorable (I mean, COME ON), it’s also ridiculously creamy and natural looking on your skin.

MORE DEETS: Most highlighters leave you looking like you just stepped out of a Studio 54 after-party, but this darling, Instagram-worthy, cutie McCuteCute highlighter (IT HAS A TOP HAT AND A BOWTIE) is surprisingly subtle, despite its flashy shape. The formula blends on as sheer, slightly iridescent champagne—absolutely zero silver or milky hues— and it quite literally melts into your skin as soon as you blend it on, thanks to its jojoba oil base.

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