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ISUN, Carnelian Body Oil, Beautyhabit

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Carnelian Body Oil by ISUN

So this oil... it’s at once familiar and exciting. The gourmand in me loves the vanilla and citrus notes, but it’s not too sweet or pedestrian. Ginger and cardamom gives it an earthy, middle-eastern heft, while powdery and feminine ylang ylang diffuses the incensey-ness. The oil is a blend of apricot oil and sesame oil, so it dries fairly quickly, but leaves the skin feeling nourished throughout the day. I don’t do chakras, crystals or anything along those lines, but I love that there’s a carnelian stone in the oil. Not that I think it’s going to give me any sort of protection, but because Isun is that detailed and thoughtful of a company.

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