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French Girl Organics, Neroli Crème Fraîche Moisturizer, Beautyhabit

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Neroli Crème Fraîche Moisturizer by French Girl Organics: Balancing Act

If you’re too extreme then you wind up missing out on something. I’ve been in therapy long enough to know that the key to a healthy emotional life is balance. Not that I’m emotionally healthy or anything, but I’m together when it comes to skincare.  I cherish my top-of-the-line but made-in-a-lab arsenal that includes Environ Retinol 1, Elta MD Sunscreen, SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF Serum and Biologique Reserche Metamorphique. I love them because they werk. Meaning, you know that rapid cellular turnover is actually happening. But then I discover something like this vegan, organic and wildcrafted French Girl Organics line that is made with ingredients grown on an urban farmstead in Seattle, and it speaks to another side of me: the clean, holistic, nature-loving me that believes she can look like Jane Birkin with just some sea buckthorne and black willow bark. Well, maybe not, but layer in some serious science and you never know what can happen. Neroli Crème Fraîche Moisturizer.

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