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Ligne St  Barth Skincare Line Transports You to the Caribbean

CEO Herve Brin started Ligne St Barth in the 1980s, selling coconut and avocado oil on the beach in re-purposed rum bottles. Using only local fruits and flowers and recipes handed down for generations, he has built a natural skincare line coveted the world over.  From dockside service on arrival to pampering spa sessions at the Eden Roc, Ligne St Barth is a must have when it comes to making time on the Island an extraordinary indulgence.

Q. Who does Ligne St Barth appeal to?

With a following - for decades now - of world travelers who seek natural luxuries wherever they go, Ligne St Barth is one of those “in-the-know” brands that’s quietly, secretly coveted. From fashionistas to CEOS and Supermodels Ligne St Barth’s healing oils, gels, and creams have been a “bring home from St Barth” must have since the collection’s early days when it appeared on the beach in repurposed, hand-labeled rum bottles. Ligne St Barth has its origins in a time well before ounces mattered and plastic was - when traveling - preferred.

Q. Why does Ligne St Barth have staying power?

It’s results-driven. The skincare is made from the local plants and flowers and it’s made to deliver olfactory rewards as it keeps our skin and bodies youthful -- with perfect travel-ready packaging.

These super emollient-based unisex skincare creams and lotions are indeed impressive. Essentials - a “maintenance tier” - are indulgent basics from Ligne St Barth. Whether you’re a sunworshipper or a shade-seeker, after a day at the beach what revitalizes? A head-to-toe scrub for regeneration that also keeps an even skin tone. Start revitalizing aprés sun and before cocktails with Papaya Peeling Shower Cream. Follow with Ligne St Barth Cream Mask with Pink Clay and Passionfruit. The Frangipani Flower Cleansing Milk is a blissful treat twice a day, aloe vera, mango butter and sweet almond oil soothe while they refresh, certainly this cleanser is a lusg treatment for all, but a necessity for fair, sensitive, or sun-parched skin. Make your shower the best part of the day with Amber & Vanilla Shower Cream or Extra Mild Shower Gel With Vetyver & Lavender. Post-sun and surf, the Melon Tonic Lotion is perfect for a reset, just spray and head out the door!

Still family-owned, Ligne St. Barth’s formulas date back generations. Made from raw and potent fruits and flowers the line has hardly diverged from the original naturopathic remedies. What will you discover in the line? Pure avocados, aloe pulp or squeezed mango-lime juice with herbs - an excellent a topical antiseptic that helps soothe burns, relieve aches and, naturally help repair mature complexions. Years, even a century or so has passed since these natural cures were first used, so naturally, their effectiveness is proven over time.

Q. What is the basis of the Ligne St Barth formulas?

CEO Hervé Brin, who founded Ligne St Barth in 1983 and continues to steer this family-owned business, wants us to understand that Ligne St Barth “products and their healing properties come from plants with purpose.” Today, his grandmother’s concoctions are still the barometer for maintaining levels of excellence. “Potent, live actives” is Brin’s mantra for Ligne St Barth’s curative skincare, after all the line is genuinely a reflection of a childhood spent with a botanical pharmacy growing in his backyard.

Jumping off a sailboat or splashing in the pool, what to have handy? Sunsplash Face & Body Splash for dockside refreshing; Aloe Vera Gel With Mint as an after shave or post-sun soother; Avocado Hair & Skin Oil or Coconut Dry Oil as a daytime/sun hair treatment and pre-shampoo protectant. For that citrusy pick me up, bring along a travel size of Ligne St. Barth Eau De Toilette Homme spray just in case, or Patchouli Arawak Eau de Toilette if a sunset cocktail is next on the agenda.

Q. Ligne St Barth skincare/bodycare is unisex but aren’t there ALSO choices just for men?

For sure, men may shortlist Ligne St Barth as go-to necessities on land or at sea. Mango seed oil, Caribbean sea water and shea butter are a potent healing combination for men, they smoothly deliver pure unsaturated fatty acids in the Moisturizing Facial Fluid boosting natural collagen production —where we need it most— where men can see the ravages of time from neck to pecs. Even though this easily absorbed facial fluid hydrates as well as a cream, it’s light and matte, a shine-free treatment. You could say it is a yachtsman’s best friend. The wind and sun, St Barth’s natural elements, deplete the skin, robbing it of elasticity and hydration, Rich Mango Butter Cream restores firmness, replacing stolen nutrients. When the sun sets and those legs ache from a hard day sailing or a few too many hours spent splashing among the waves, the evening elixir to take the edge off is the Relaxing Body Oil with Camphor & Menthol.

Q. Where can one find Ligne St Barth?

Of course, you can find Ligne St Barth locally on the Island at the fabulous and famous, Eden Roc Hotel. Arriving with immediate gratification being your goal, book for on-yacht service the moment you dock. A facial, body treatment, full range of massages or a men’s rapid head, hands, and foot service is sure to help you face the music for a night of dancing at Nikki Beach. Back home and needing to replenish? Head to and Island indulgence straight from St. Barth will be yours for days, weeks, months to come.

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