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ALTAIA, By Any Other Name, Eau de Parfum, Beautyhabit

ALTAIA as seen on LOfficielusa.com...

...and available online at Beautyhabit

By Any Other Name Eau de Parfum by ALTAIA: Beauty Tea: Four Italian-Inspired Fragrances That Cost Less Than a Trip to Capri

For all the vacation feels of the Amalfi Coast without having to leave home.
Despite being flooded with summer tourism; Southern Italy magically retains its certain-something. More than other destinations in the Mediterranean, the milieu has a unique way of commandeering each of the five senses. The Italian sun bronzes skin so pleasantly in Portofino. The colors of Le Cinque Terre practically mesmerize your eyesight, wondering why you chose an all-white color scheme for your apartment (maybe just me). The clam pastas and other seafood of Capri make going out for Italian elsewhere practically impossible.

And, more than anything, the smells of the coastal towns and islands are so distinct and narcotic, recovering those aromas becomes a sort of addictive mission. It’s no wonder that the smells of the South have inspired a bevy of perfumers to reimagine all of the seaside, musky and fruity details. If you’ve never been to Italy, no problem. Try this fragrance to feel instantly teleported in the blink of a spritz.

Musky rose lovers will be obsessed with this Italian perfume. When I spray this, I immediately envision of a man doused in bergamot, greeting me with fresh cut roses and a lychee martini on a summer night (a girl can dream). This rose-rich delight is one of my new favorites; hints of sweet lychee fruit which gives way to cedarwood and an indelicate musk. A seriously sexy blend, this perfume pairs well with unstable stilettos, a non-vegan dinner and a third date.

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