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Soapwalla, Citrus Deodorant Cream, Beautyhabit

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Citrus Deodorant Cream by Soapwalla: Seven Natural Deodorants That Work for Nonhippies

Here are the results of our week-long test
Natural, chemical-free deodorants are gaining top-shelf real estate. By definition, a semi-organic deodorant should be relatively free of aluminum, an ingredient used to block pores and prevent you from sweating.

I thought it might be time to re-assess the clean-laundry-scented stick that I’ve been picking up on sale for nearly 10 years and scope out some aluminum-free options. Most often, they feature anti-bacterial elements like baking soda, plant extracts or even a cocktail of essential oils that promise to reduce the day’s odor. But, do any of the non-aluminum, mostly herbal scented deodorants actually work?

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream Citrus
There is something odd about smearing a clay-like cream under your arms. Expect to factor in a few minutes of drying time–this one is a paste and will likely smear onto clothes. The product smells fresh–it’s definitely unisex–and is made from food-grade ingredients, so it’s ideal for sensitive skin that’s prone to rashes. A pea-sized dollop gets the job done. Overall verdict: Good stuff

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