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Fragonard Parfumeur, Limited Edition Jasmin Set of 4 Guest Soaps, Beautyhabit

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Limited Edition Jasmin Set of 4 Guest Soap by Fragonard Parfumeur: 9 Mom-Inspired Beauty Buys That Beat Flowers

Flower shops may be filling up to fill orders for Mother’s Day, but a bushel of roses isn’t the best way to make a mom feel special. Either is another Turkish bathrobe or espresso taster set. What is? A thoughtful beauty splurge that Mom would never think to pick out for herself but will make her feel especially glamorous and say “I love you” or “thanks for all that you do” or even “you deserve some alone time”—or all of the above. These floral-inspired treats fit the bill:

Fragonard Parfumeur Jasmin Set of 4 Guest Soaps
Moms don’t do empty soap dishes. Keep her stocked with fresh scented, hand-molded soaps imbued with sweet Spanish Jasmine. The packaging happens to be exquisite (and keeps the soaps safe for months, if needed).

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