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Rose Glow Poetic Pits by Living Libations: 15 Top-Rated Natural Deodorants That ACTUALLY Work

There’s no avoiding it: finding the best natural deodorant is a trial-and-error process. Since all bodies react differently to different formulas and ingredients, it’s hard to know which will be right for you until you try it. So why take the chance? Because typical antiperspirants contain aluminum and other icky chemicals that we definitely don’t want on our skin—nontoxic is always the safer choice. To make the switch easier, we curated a list of the best top-rated, harm-free (and aluminum-free) natural deodorants across several stores and sites, from luxury beauty shops to Amazon. You still might have to try a few before you fall in love, but when you do, it’ll be so worth it.

Living Libations Poetic Pits

Living Libations is known for its approach to all-natural, pure botanic beauty. It makes sense, then, that the brand’s Poetic Pits deodorant is a combination of 100% concentrated organic essential oils, containing no chemicals or extra ingredients. While the scent is formulated to make underarms smell fantastic, we recommend a patch test first, since some skin reacts negatively to pure essential oils.

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