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Essential Faith, Perfume Oil Roll On, Beautyhabit

Essential Faith as seen on

...and available online at Beautyhabit:

Perfume Oil Roll On by Essential Faith: Jhené Aiko, Singer

“I just did a DNA kit from, and basically, I’m pretty mixed-up. My mom is half-Japanese, but her mother is mixed [race], too. And my dad—both of his parents are mixed.... So I think your background can really affect what you use on your body.”

“Then there’s this little gem called Essential Faith Perfume Oil Roll On. I only know two places that have it. One is on Abbot Kinney near Venice Beach the other is Beautyhabit. And it’s such a subtle thing that mixes well with any type of actual perfume. It’s one of those scents that will mix with my smell and I’ll get a whiff of it that’s just the best.”

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