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i Profumi di Firenze, Fragrance, Beautyhabit

I Profumi di Firenze as seen on

...and available online at Beautyhabit:

I Profumi di Firenze: Beautiful Scents With a Story

The line is filled with beautiful, pure scents and an amazing story to match. In Florence... a tiny perfumery where the fragrances were hand-blended in small batches with floral and botanical essences from Italy and around the world. The line, based on recipes commissioned by 16th century Queen of France Catherine de Medici, is crafted from the same ingredients used during the Renaissance.

Today the i Profumi di Firenze collection encompasses over 30 fragrances as well as modern minimal blends like spring and summer’s best selling sea breeze fragrance, Brezza di Mare. Neroli Flor, one the newest additions to the collection, evokes Italian citrus groves on warm, sunny days. The most popular fragrance in the collection is Vaniglia del Madagascar. It has numerous celebrity fans and a customer from a royal family recently purchased 21 bottles to secure her supply. My favorite fragrance in the collection is Costa Mediterranea. Its soft, masculine scent is fresh and serene. The company describes it as evoking a “holiday at the sea” and the magnificence of the Mediterranean with notes of Sicilian Lemon, Calabrian Bergamot, Vetiver and Sicilian Orange.

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