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L:A Bruket, No. 050 Petitgrain Face Scrub, Beautyhabit

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No. 050 Petitgrain Face Scrub by L:A Bruket: Skincare Secrets of Scandinavian Women

People from the Nordic countries (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland) are experts in caring for their skin through the most severe of weather conditions. The flora, like lingonberry, cloudberry, algae, and kelp, has also adapted to those northern environs, allowing them to thrive despite adverse circumstances—which makes these plants perfectly suited to boost skin’s resilience. Whether its yet to warm up in your neck of the woods, you’re heading for the Southern Hemisphere, or you simply need to resuscitate your weather-beaten face, these Nordic collections will give you what you need.

L:A Bruket No. 050 Petitgrain Face Scrub
Life on Sweden’s coast can be rough, but Mats Johansson and Monica Kylén of L:A Bruket didn’t want their skin to be. So they whipped up scrubs and lotions using marine materials like sea salt and seaweed to soften and smooth even the coarsest complexions.

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