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Paul & Joe, Limited Edition Hand Cream I, Beautyhabit

Paul & Joe as seen on Brit+Co...

...and available online at Beautyhabit:

Limited Edition Hand Cream I by Paul & Joe: 11 Beauty Gifts That Are *So* Pretty You Don’t Need to Wrap ‘Em

We love almost everything about this time of year. Not only do Mariah Carey’s vocal abilities get the recognition they deserve (which is A LOT, y’all), but we’re able to soak up the sights, sounds and smells of the holiday season. While we’re all about savoring this time of year, let’s be honest: Gift wrapping sucks. Personally, I don’t enjoy the wrapping process and consider it a big win when I find a gift that’s so pretty it doesn’t even need wrapping paper. Good news, lazy girls: We’ve done all the searching for you this year ;) Check out these 11 gorgeous beauty gifts that won’t require wrapping.

This all-star group of products has something for everyone on your list. From seriously stunning one-stop-shop skincare kits (lookin’ at you, Tata Harper!) that just need a bow on top to lipsticks so pretty they literally look like ornaments, every level of beauty babe is covered. Note that some of these gifts are already so popular they’re out of stock, but — rest assured — we’re told they’ll be back in stock soon. You’re welcome! Paul & Joe Limited Edition Hand Cream I ($15).

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