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Interview: Capturing the Spirit of Italy: A Journey with Eau d’Italie

This story begins on the Amalfi Coast at Le Sirenuse, an award-winning 5-star hotel in Positano. After the second World War, four Neapolitan brothers moved to this small village and opened up their home as a petite hotel. Quaintly decorated according to the family’s personal taste, the hotel became a haven for elegant guests to indulge in hospitality and a “delight of the senses.” After spending her childhood at Le Sirenuse and becoming a filmmaker, Marina Sersale teamed up with her husband Sebastián Alvarez Murena to incorporate the memories of her seaside childhood into a fragrance. From Mediterranean shrubbery to sun-kissed terracotta, Eau d’Italie takes you on olfactory journey through Southern Italy and beyond with blissful pit-stops in Positano, Venice, and Paestum.

From scent diffusers, bath salts, and candles to shower gels, shampoo, and milk, Eau d’Italie captures the romance and passion of the seaside in each product and fragrance. The best part? You get to keep a little piece of Italy in your own home, in your luscious locks, and in your silky skin. We joined Marina to retrace her steps and break down the stories behind Eau d’Italie— and made a few stops in Positano on the way.


Eau d'Italie Eau de Toilette

Eau d'Italie Easy To Love

Eau d'Italie Scented Candle

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