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Ligne St. Barth, Perfume, Beautyhabit

Ligne St Barth as seen on AveParfum.com...

...and available online at Beautyhabit: https://www.beautyhabit.com/collections/ligne-st-barth

Fleur de Canne a Sucre, Patchouli Arawak, and Vanille West Indies by Ligne St. Barth

Ligne St. Barth is a house I am just getting to know. I chose 3 of my favorite perfumes from the house to review, I really love these!

FLEUR DE CANNE A SUCRE - The name translates to “cane sugar flower”....Bravo for this simple and unique tropical fragrance. It captures the spirit of sugar cane very well. It is a light, clean, and sweet fragrance that is nice for warm weather, but it could easily work year-round.

PATCHOULI ARAWAK - They managed to make a patchouli perfume with a distinct island feel. Very well crafted, very beautiful, very addictive.

VANILLE WEST INDIES - Mmmm I absolutely love this vanilla. It smells like homemade vanilla bean marshmallows. It distinctly smells like raw vanilla beans. Delicious yet, surprisingly, rather elegant.

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