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Paul & Joe, Limited Edition 15th Anniversary Makeup Collection, Beautyhabit

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...and available online at Beautyhabit:

Limited Edition 15th Anniversary Makeup Collection by Paul & Joe: The Paul & Joe Anniversary Makeup Collection Is Purrrrfect for Cat Lovers

Let me preface this post by saying I love cats. I love cats the way Oprah loves bread, which we know is a lot. Ever since childhood, I've had quite the strong affinity for felines (they're just so goddamn cute), and over the years, it's just blossomed into this weird-yet-still-totally-healthy-I-SWEAR obsession. Anything cat-inspired — figurines, fashion, hell, even the real thing — I've got to have immediately. Right meow, so to speak.

So when I discovered that Paul & Joe brought out the big guns for its limited-edition 15th-anniversary collection, I nearly jumped — as in, I physically shot out of my swivel desk chair in pure excitement — at the chance to wax poetic about the adorable, cat-themed collection. Luckily, my editor agreed that indeed, I was destined to write this piece, so, here we are. [Ed note: This is true. She has been waiting for a meowment like this.]

The line's ambiguous name, simply "Paul & Joe Anniversary Makeup Collection," gives no mention of the cuteness the collection actually elicits. In full, there's the classic cat lipstick, the Lipstick in Petite Princess, a peachy pink shade made famous in the brand's spring 2012 lineup formulated in the shape of a sweet little kitty; six (!) feline figurine eye shadows — in a wide range of shade options, like a soft pastel pink, icy cool mint, metallic copper, sultry gray, purplish mauve, and a light golden peach — which all also double as cheek tint; and a "paw-sitively adorable" portable case to store in all it while on the go.

Luckily, the collection comes complete with superchic home storage, a millennial pink- and gold-embellished vanity vault, which opens with a slight tug of a golden feline figurine drawer knob. Lastly, there's a cat-eared cloth pouch designed with the same pink-and-gold floral print as the vault for the ultimate #kittycoordination. I plan on using it as a makeshift makeup bag because I'm damn near obsessed.

Suffice it to say, you'll have to pry this sweet little line of cat-themed goods out of my non-manicured paws because, honey, I'm never letting go. Which means if you want your own Paul & Joe Anniversary Makeup Collection, which is $85, you'll have to head over to

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