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Sources of well-being, comfort and beauty, with rare plant concentrates and natural plant oils, Yon-Ka «BODY ESSENTIAL» products the skin hydrated again, supple and soft. Their subtle aromas of essential oils leave your whole body energized or relaxed.

Concentrated in natural active ingredients, «BODY SPECIFICS» provide an expert response with an efficient home care regimen designed to help reshape the figure and preserve firmness to the body.

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Yon-Ka Paris Body Care

24623-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Phyto-Bain - 100 ml
Item 24623


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The YON-KA Signature revitalizing and relaxing bath.

A genuine spa effect at home with this highly concentrated aromatic bath treatment with plant extracts and essential oils known for their multiple therapeutic virtues.

Invigorates, restores full vitality, relieves tired legs and gives the whole body a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

24624-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Phyto-Gel - 200 ml
Item 24624


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2 in 1 Soft body exfoliation with vegetal micro-scrubbers. Softens body roughness on all skin types; use day or night.

To make your skin new as often as required, this gel with a fine soothing foam gently cleans and exfoliates dead skin cells and rough spots.

Delicately polished by the micro grains of bamboo silicone and jojoba pearls, the water becomes soft, smooth and velvety.

24620-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Huile Corps - 100 ml
Item 24620


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The triple action oil regenerates and nourishes. Use on the body for dry, rough, dehydrated skin. Use day or night.

Smooth, quickly absorbed and naturally aromatic, this triple action oil repairs the driest or most damaged skin, firms the epidermis and gives a nice feeling of well-being.

Satin, infinitely soft and comfortable, the skin becomes more toned and stronger every day.

24622-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Nutri-Protect Mains - 50 ml
Item 24622


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3 in 1 treatment for hands, nails and cuticles. Repairs, comforts and has anti-ageing affect on dry, rough, chapped and damaged hands both day and night.

With its elegant texture, this ultra-comforting hand cream bursts with benefits when it comes to repairing the driest and most damaged of skin. Rich in ingredients renowned for their restructuring, nourishing and hydrating properties, it helps preserve a youthful appearance for hands, and ensures their protection against harsh environmental factors (water, wind, cold, dry air, etc.).

Quickly absorbed, it leaves skin soft, supple, smooth and silky, as if draped in silk.

24626-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Creme 155 - 125 ml
Item 24626


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2 in 1 slimming helps prevent fatty deposits.

A multi-active balm, this strongly scented massage cream contributes to reshape the figure by acting on localized fatty deposits that are sensitive to the touch.

The skin becomes softer and smoother, the irregular aspect of pads is reduced.

24625-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Creme 55 - 125 ml
Item 24625


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Slimming and anti-water retention care.

To assist in refining the figure, this phyto-aromatic massage cream that is rich in climbing ivy with legendary "anti-water retention" virtues improves the tone and texture of the epidermis, and preserves its tone during weight changes.

Drains, favors refining the figure. Adds flexibility to tissue and improves elasticity. Assists the combat of aqueous cellulite.

24628-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Phyto 152 - 125 ml
Item 24628


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Body draining & detox cream best with its Galbol 190 duo. Firms and Revitalizes.

The full firming and revitalizing power of rosemary is the heart of this anti-sagging cream to help to tone the skin, shape the bust and reshape the figure. Its phyto-aromatic effects that release fatigue and refresh are provided to the whole body.
Used with GALBOL 190 for a reinforced firming action.

Helps to firm, to diminish stretch marks and maintain a well shaped breast. Relieves tired legs providing freshness and well-being. Its toning fragrance also provides an incredible energy.

24627-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Galbol 190 - 50 ml
Item 24627


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Hydrating & firming fluid best with its Phyto 152 duo.

Anti-sagging complex for the body and bust, this concentrate is fluid and non-oily and it is applied to all the areas lacking tone. With the firming, regenerating and hydrating action of its 20 plant extracts, the epidermis is smoothed and it tightens, the bust shape is redefined, with the figure gaining firmness.
Used with PHYTO 152 cream for a reinforced firming action.

Non-oily, it soaks in immediately. Toning the saggy areas. Helps to preserve a well shaped bust. Vitalizes with its natural fruity scent.

Yon-Ka Summer!
Purchase any 2 Yon-Ka sun or body products and receive a Yon-Ka Beach Tote and a sample duo that includes a Guarana Scrub and a Cellular Code Long-Life Infusion Serum.

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