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«AGE DEFENSE» products naturally enable the skin to restore its balance and regain its vital energy, effectively combating age.

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Yon-Ka Paris Age Defense

29830-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Nutri Defense Crème - 50 ml
Item 29830


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Intense comfort and repairing for dry to very dry skin that is uncomfortable, feeling too tight.

The SOS comfort cream for dry to very dry skin. Due to its complex, nutritious formula, rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 9, and more), this smooth cream brings immediate and long-lasting comfort to undernourished skin. Enriched with hydrating agents and antioxidants, it helps skin combat premature signs of aging. The sensations of tightness and irritation are soothed as time goes by.

Intensely nourished, very dry, sensitive and damaged skin quickly recovers its balance, softness and resilience.

25242-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Hydra No. 1 Creme - 50 ml
Item 25242


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Hydrating, Repairing, a Day or Night cream for dehydrated, dry or sensitive skin. The skin is softer and more supple; it is glowing, and appears smoother and re-plumped.

144% more hydration.*
This cream is a comforting cocoon for dehydrated, dry or sensitive skin.
Its long-lasting hydrating power is complemented by its rich oil-restoring, repairing, soothing and anti-aging ingredients which protect the skin against environmental factors, allowing it to restore its essential balance.

25244-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Hydra No. 1 Serum - 30 ml
Item 25244


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Long-lasting Hydration booster, day or night deep hydration for all skin types. The skin is softer and more supple, its glow restored, it appears smoother and re-plumped.

The perfect emergency remedy for very dehydrated skin.
With its true long-lasting, intense hydration activating complex, this creamy and refreshing gel is the perfect emergency remedy for very dehydrated skin: quickly absorbed, it replenishes the skin's hydration levels. The anti-aging and hydrating* effects are enhanced when used in association with the CREME or the FLUIDE.

24803-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Creme 83 - 50 ml
Item 24803


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Soothing, Protecting for Dry sensitive skin, feeling too tight and redness.

Soothing cream for fragile skin.
Designed for delicate skin prone to dryness, this smooth, fast-absorbing cream eases discomfort, softens the epidermis, and provides protection from harsh weather conditions.
Reduction in hypersensitivity and tightness, makes the skin more comfortable and radiant.

24804-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Creme 93 - 50 ml
Item 24804


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Balancing, Matifying, Protecting for Combination skin.

Regulating cream for combination skins.
Smooth and fast-absorbing, this regulating cream with the delicate aroma of ylang-ylang restores and preserves the balance of normal to combination skin, purifies the complexion, and controls T-zone shine.
A clean matified skin Perfect make-up hold.

24805-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Creme PG - 50 ml
Item 24805


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Purifying, Matifying, Calming, Protecting for Oily skin.

Purifying and matifying cream for oily skins.
Unmatched for eliminating shine and purifying oily skin, this purifying cream balances sebaceous secretions, tightens dilated pores, and keeps makeup fresh and long-lasting.
Purified, glowing and matified skin.

24644-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Hydralia - 15 ml
Item 24644

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The concentrated hydrating soother that gives comfort and radiance.

A few drops of this super-hydrating concentrate are enough to eliminate rough spots and the feeling of tautness, and to erase fine lines caused by epidermal dehydration.

Softened and comforted, the skin quickly recovers its natural glow.

24645-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Mask No. 1 - 50 ml
Item 24645


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Intense hydration mask that is anti-ageing and repairing.

This gel-cream mask with delicate floral aromas provides immediate, time-released, deep hydration: +54% after 1 hour and +96% after 8 hours. It helps the skin to combat free-radicals, aging and irritating agents.

Suitable for sensitive or easily irritated skin, whether dry or oily. Intensely replenished, the skin immediately appears smoother, softer, and fuller.

24807-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Pamplemousse PNG - 50 ml
Item 24807


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Complexion protection, Retivalizing, Protecting for Normal to Oily skin, lacking in radiance.

Vibrant energizing cocktail.
A real boost (shot) of energy, this light, luscious cream with an invigorating citrus scent lights up the complexion and vitalizes the epidermis. The version for normal to oily skin, with a higher concentration of fruit, tightens the pores.
Your complexion is radiant. YOUR skin and spirit revitalized, thanks to citrus aromas.

24810-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Phyto 58 PS - 40 ml
Item 24810


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Regenerating, Energizing, Complexion balancing for Dry skin, First signs of ageing.

The ultimate night care to erase all signs of tiredness.
Refined and fast-absorbing, this cream rich in phyto-stimulating rosemary extracts is supreme in revitalizing the epidermis. It erases the signs of fatigue, refines skin texture, evens tone, and brightens the complexion.
Its fresh, invigorating aroma impacts the whole body.
The version for dry skin, rich in nutritive oils, provides more comfort.
Reduces early wrinkles, Radiant healthy skin and an immediate feeling of freshness.

24647-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Serum - 15 ml
Item 24647


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Repairing and energy booster concentrate for all skin types. Regenerating, nourishing and energizing serum.

This concentrate of pure energy, with fine, natural, ultra-energetic oils, nourishes and regenerates all skins that are weakened or nutrient-deficient, whether dry or oily.

The skin lights up, recovering its suppleness,tone, and vitality.

24646-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Vital Defense - 50 ml
Item 24646


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The perfect anti-aging and environmental shield for all skin types. Anti-oxidant, anti-pollution, hydrating and protecting your skin.

Specially formulated to combat damaging environmental factors that cause oxidative stress (pollution, smoking, and exposure to UV rays and climate variations) this intensely hydrating, luscious cream combines high-performance plant extracts that help the skin to preserve its youthfulness.

Oxygenated, relaxed, the radiance returns to your skin, once more soft, supple and full of vitality.

24657-150.jpg Yon-Ka - Serum Vital - 30 ml
Item 24657


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Repair all types of damaged skin with this corrective elixir that revitalizes and remineralizes skin and diminishes wrinkles and fine lines. With intense moisturizing action and a restructuring blend of beech bud and soy peptides, this vitamin-packed anti-wrinkle serum treatment heals skin damaged by fatigue, acne scars, intense stress, surgery, pregnancy, hormonal changes, scars, stretch marks, and excessive sun exposure.

Fights dryness and dehydration, smooths wrinkles and fine lines, and restores a visibly younger appearance to the skin.

Yon-Ka Summer!
Purchase any 2 Yon-Ka sun or body products and receive a Yon-Ka Beach Tote and a sample duo that includes a Guarana Scrub and a Cellular Code Long-Life Infusion Serum.

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