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‘Une Nuit A Bali’ is a luxury range of fragrances and 100% natural body care products. A complete ritual to purify, cleanse, heal, sublimate and perfume the skin.

‘Une Nuit A Bali’ speaks to women. All women. With no exception. In what makes their distinctiveness and their beauty.

‘Une Nuit A Bali’ - a concentrate of memories in each of our products. To continue – repeat – revive the experience of all these short-lived moments, like a series of privileged stopovers.

Une Nuit a Bali

24389-150.jpg Une Nuit a Bali - The Intense Exfoliating Scrub - 200 ml
Item 24389


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The intense exfoliating scrub is the first step towards a recovered softness, without any remaining impurity. Its repetitive use removes the lifeless top layer of your skin and helps to refine skin texture.

24390-150.jpg Une Nuit a Bali - The Dry Oil - 100 ml
Item 24390


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Once purified and smoothed, the skin has recovered its natural aspect, but also its appetite. The Dry Oil rehydrates and nourishes your body, exceptionally and thoroughly, without leaving any greasy layer. Its unique combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega 3-6-9 helps to prevent the dehydration and aging of the skin. The Dry Oil revitalizes, regenerates and restructures even the driest skins.

24391-150.jpg Une Nuit a Bali - The Green Coffee Dry Oil - 100 ml
Item 24391


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By combining the recognized and proven benefits of green coffee with those of pomegranate, the green coffee dry oil has extraordinary slimming and firming effects. Used regularly and thoroughly in massages, it will visibly trim your body by facilitating fat elimination.

24392-150.jpg Une Nuit a Bali - The Massage Powder - 35 g
Item 24392


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Mattifying & Absorbent.

Born of a light and whispery dream, The Massage Powder glides over the body like a natural cloud. The Massage Powder is an innovative product that leaves a beautifully silky sensation on the skin. It can be applied after The Dry Oil to absorb it and mattify the skin while forming a protective layer that gradually releases the active ingredients. Now you can have all the benefits of an oil while keeping skin that is completely dry and soft to the touch. Absolutely amazing!

24393-150.jpg Une Nuit a Bali - The Travel Perfume - 20 ml
Item 24393


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The Travel Perfume can be used for any occasion. An intense bouquet of white flowers revealing Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang notes, an ideal fragrance within reach to use between meetings, planes or passions. Perfume yourself according to your mood, the day of the week, the weather, the color of your eyes, your lover, your desires, everything and anything...

Head: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Saffron
Heart: Ylang-Ylang, Indian Jasmine, Wysteria,Tuberose
Base: Benzoin tears, Amber, Vanilla, Oud Wod, Sandalwood

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