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Trance Essence is…
Beguiling, Intoxicating, Alluring.

It is where old-world perfumery meets apothecary. Where purity mingles with sensuality. And craftsmanship is imbued with the voluptuous. Made in small batches, it is muse-produced rather than mass-produced. Blended from the finest essential and perfume oils, each Trance Essence is nectar. These reveal their hidden notes when activated by your own body heat. Trance Essence is earthy yet ethereal. Intimate and refined, it whispers.

Trance Essence is nature, naked and alive, captured in a collection of Eau De Parfum sprays and roll-on perfume oils. They are the creation of Janna Sheehan, a perfumer/designer and lover of natural scents.

Each of the Trance Essence Nectars contains up to twenty-five essential and perfume oil elements. Bridging the gap between aromatherapy and old world perfumery, each combines the finest pure essential and perfume oils imparting a natural yet complex and alluring fragrance.

Trance Essence

18029-150.jpg Trance Essence - Genie in a Bottle Eau de Parfum - 60 ml
Item 18029

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Genie in a bottle is Tantric. Seductive scents of exotic oils like Egyptian jasmine, vanilla, organic frankincense, bittersweet chocolate, black tea and organic black pepper are just a few of the essences that infuse magic into this bottle. Inspired by a sultry Moroccan nightclub in the summer; hot, smoky, sexy …

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