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British-born New York beauty expert, Tracie Martyn, is the authority to whom actors and actresses, music industry icons, royals, media moguls, and supermodels entrust their faces. A true pioneer in designing a skin care concept that is both effective and results-oriented, utilizing the best anti-aging technologies with the highest quality natural ingredients, including organic botanicals and essential oils.

Tracie Martyn

27252-150.jpg Tracie Martyn - Complexion Savior - 50 ml
Item 27252


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Introducing the first pure, all-natural and luxurious oil-free mask on the market that helps to even skin tone, hydrate, purify and protect the skin. If you break out you may not find a better mask than this, if you have rosacea and redness it may be a Godsend. It is formulated with zero petrochemicals and combines multiple anti-irritants in a soothing organic aloe vera gel base.

25776-150.jpg Tracie Martyn - Absolute Purity Toner - 54 g
Item 25776


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This revolutionary toner is an alcohol-free, hard-working multi-tasker. Skillfully combining Eastern Champion antioxidant Organic White Tea with Western soothing and anti-bacterial botanicals including Organic Olive Leaf extracts it cleanses, calms and brightens your skin. Eastern Wisdom - Western Evidence™ against breakouts, redness and large pores - an absolute must-have.

25777-150.jpg Tracie Martyn - Face & Body Resculpting Cream - 75 g
Item 25777


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Formulated utilizing the best skin care science has to offer and with the purest natural and organic ingredients, this luxurious, lifting, firming, slimming, contouring and deeply moisturizing all-over cream mimics the results of red light (LED) technology used in Tracie's famous NYC spa. Excellent as a facial day cream with added benefits.

22177-150.jpg Tracie Martyn - Resculpting Body Serum - 60 ml
Item 22177


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The first pure, all-natural and luxurious, lifting, firming, contouring, wrinkle-defying and hydrating body, jaw-line and neck serum on the market. It also targets wrinkles and stretch marks while leaving a silky hydrated feel on the skin. This serum uses the highest quality ingredients. Science and nature have been merged by combining high-tech natural cosmeceuticals like the body’s own vital energy supplying enzyme, found in every living cell, Coenzyme A, also called the “master enzyme” with exotic botanicals including Asian Silver Tremella extract, nature’s best version of hyaluronic acid.

15247-150.jpg Tracie Martyn - Amla Purifying Cleanser - 50 ml
Item 15247


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The skin clarifying concentrate that deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin; "washing away" the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while calming and reducing redness. Antibacterial extracts and botanical enzymes purify and resurface leaving skin clean, silky and smooth.

15246-150.jpg Tracie Martyn - Enzyme Exfoliant - 50 ml
Item 15246


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The closest you can get to getting the benefits of one of Tracie’s microdermabrasion treatments in the privacy of your own home; this multi-tasking exfoliator/mask resurfaces and purifies the skin, softening fine lines and wrinkles while minimizing the appearance of pores. Botanical skin lighteners target sun damage and hyper-pigmentation.

15245-150.jpg Tracie Martyn - Firming Serum - 30 ml
Item 15245


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Tracie’s first miracle formulation that became a Hollywood cult product is a super-serum that pioneered use of natural peptides and natural cosmeceuticals like resveratrol known to target longevity genes. Wrinkle and lack of elasticity defying, ultra-hydrating and collagen boosting this amazing oil-free moisturizer leaves your skin with a radiant glow. The formulation is all-natural, paraben free and includes organic botanicals.

16517-150.jpg Tracie Martyn - Shakti Resculpting Body Cream - 200 g
Item 16517


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A pure, all-natural and luxurious, lifting, firming, contouring and deeply moisturizing all-over cream. Excellent as a facial day cream with added benefits. Heavenly scented with Organic Bulgarian Rose oil.

16518-150.jpg Tracie Martyn - Shanti Space Lift Mist - 100 ml
Item 16518


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Tracie Martyn is thrilled to introduce the first pure, all-natural and luxurious room fragrance on the market. Tracie's celebrity clients repeatedly commented on the beautiful scent of her skin care products that she uses in her unique facials. Tracie has blended some of these precious essential oils to capture a little piece of that sensory experience for your enjoyment in your own home.

15249-150.jpg LotuSculpt - Quick Fix Eye Pad Activator - 60 ml
Item 15249


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An effective anti-wrinkle solution that can be used on its own or in conjunction with the LotuSculpt® Eyepads.

15248-150.jpg LotuSculpt - Quick Fix Eye Pads - 10 pads
Item 15248


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When used in conjunction with the Eye Pad Activator, these Eye Pads are excellent for tired eyes to moisturize and calm, greatly diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improving the appearance of dark circles.
*Please note: These Eye Pads must be used with the Eye Pad Activator, which is not included.

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