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Nothing Beats a TOCCA candle. Reminiscent of bygone times and familiar places, each scent in TOCCA’s luxurious home fragrance collection inspires a different mood or emotion. Since 1997, TOCCA has been recognized for offering unique high quality fragrances, a superior paraffin wax blend formula that allows for a long and even burn, and a lead-free wick to provide optimal burn and fragrance throw. Packaged in a beautiful glass vessel, TOCCA candles add
the perfect touch to any home décor.

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Tocca Candle Collection

25377-150.jpg Tocca - Candele Da Viaggio Luxe - 3 x 2 oz
Item 25377


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Housed in a beautiful green box with gold trellis embellishment, TOCCA’s Candele da Viaggio Luxe is ready for your holiday giving. Each gift set includes three travel-sized candles housed in a rich gold scalloped glass and scented in popular winter fragrances. Burn time of approx. 20 hours each.

Venice: Prosecco & White Peach
Marrakesh: Sweet Tabak & Vanilla
Chamonix: Rosemary & Pine

12106-150.jpg Tocca - Candele da Viaggio (Boxed Gift Set of 4 Candles) - 4 x 1.2 oz
Item 12106


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A precious, boxed set of four assorted glass-filled (1.2 oz) travel size votive candles. The set also includes a signature Tocca matchbox. A quintessential travel companion or gift for any occasion. Burn time of approx. 10 hours each.

Cleopatra: Grapefruit & Cucumber
Grace: Casablanca Lily
Havana: Sugarcane & Rum
Kyoto: Kinmokusei Flower

17482-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Bali (Champaca Flower) - 10.6 oz
Item 17482


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Long used in daily offerings to Balinese gods, the lush fragrance of the sacred champaca flower captivates with its sweet, velvety scent. Conjure memories of white sand beaches fringed with swaying palms.

20136-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Bianca (Green Tea & Lemon) - 10.6 oz
Item 20136


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With notes of green tea, lemon and a dash of sugar, Bianca leaves you sitting seaside in Italy, enjoying life and sipping tea.

20133-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Brigitte (Papaya & Ginger) - 10.6 oz
Item 20133


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The spiciness of ginger combined with the sweetness of rhubarb and papaya evoke the sultriness and charm of screen siren Brigitte Bardot.

12115-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Cleopatra (Grapefruit & Cucumber) - 10.6 oz
Item 12115


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A blend of cucumber and grapefruit emits a light and clean, yet luxuriously exotic scent for the bathroom, underscoring Cleopatra's indulgence for her milk baths.

20135-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Colette (Sandalwood & Vanilla) - 10.6 oz
Item 20135


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Notes of warm incense, musky vanilla and amber charm and seduce, evoking the alluring and intriguing Colette.

12119-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Feu de Touch (Gardenia) - 10.6 oz
Item 12119


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Tocca'a signature scent, "Touch", a fruity-floral accord with notes of gardenia, pomegranate and Egyptian balsam, is a timeless classic for any room in the home.

12120-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Florence (Orris Rose) - 10.6 oz
Item 12120


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Florence is the sophisticated essence of the old European garden rose known as Centifolias or "cabbage" rose. Bred in the 16th and 17th centuries by the Dutch, Centifolias are noted for their highly fragrant blooms as well as their one hundred (cento) petals. Tocca Beauty combines the character of the rose with the root of the iris, also known as orris root, to anchor the scent.

20134-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Giulietta (Pink Tulip & Green Apple) - 10.6 oz
Item 20134


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Sweet green apple and the blooming spring tulips of Corsica whisper to the never-ending honeymoon between Fellini and his beloved wife, Giulietta.

12121-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Grace (Casablanca Lily) - 10.6 oz
Item 12121


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The pure essence of the Casablanca lily, the Roman symbol of hope, is inspired by the classic elegance of Grace Kelly. An exhilaratingly fresh scent captured from the fragrant blossom from the queen of flowers.

12122-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Havana (Sugarcane & Rum) - 10.6 oz
Item 12122


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The sweet yet spicy mix of sugarcane and rum are subtly combined to evoke the feeling of the heart and soul of this Cuban capital.

15854-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Isabella (Fresh Watermelon) - 10.6 oz
Item 15854


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Isabella's fresh aroma of watermelon hits you unexpectedly. Mysterious and intriguing like a young Sicilian beauty, Isabella evokes legends of lost sailors in the Southern Mediterranean seas.

12123-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Kyoto (Kinmokusei Flower) - 10.6 oz
Item 12123


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A delicate fruity-floral apricot-like aroma permeates from the Kinmokusei plant's tiny gold-orange petals surrounding the ancient Buddhist temples of Japan's cultural heart.

16268-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Montauk (Bamboo Sea Grass) - 10.6 oz
Item 16268


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Retreat to the easternmost tip of Long Island where the Sound meets the sea. Fresh salty air and sea grass abound this natural and unspoiled haven for celebrities and surfers alike. Montauk's understated elegance, its winds and waters make it the perfect summertime escape.

12126-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Rodolfo (Tuberose) - 10.6 oz
Item 12126


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The potent tuberose emits a soft spicy fragrance intended to fill the bedroom with romance and gently rekindle the sensuality of the great 1920's lover, Rodolfo.

12128-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Stella (Italian Blood Orange) - 10.6 oz
Item 12128


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Stella is the slightly sweet, never bitter and always fresh scent of blood orange, widely recognized as one of the finest gifts of nature. With its origins coming from 17th century Sicily, the blood orange is harmonious with Tocca Beauty's philosophy of combining the best of old world traditions with modern influences.

14883-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Tahiti (Tiare Flower) - 10.6 oz
Item 14883


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Tocca Tahiti candle is the essence of the Tiare flower, beautiful a symbol of the island of Tahiti as its native people. Its pure essence combined with the sweetness of coconut pays homage to the sensual tranquility of this most alluring of islands.

25151-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Violette (Violet) - 10.6 oz
Item 25151


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Springtime in Paris. Vibrant blooms along the Champs-Elysees awaken the youthful spirit of first love with sparkling notes of African violet, black currant and cashmere musk.

12302-150.jpg Tocca - Candela Yma (Guava & Red Currant) - 10.6 oz
Item 12302


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Yma is an intriguing blend of the exotic, beautiful and alluring. Guava fruit, native to Peru, forms the top note of the scent, providing a sweet, savory-fresh aroma anchored with red currant to add an element of sweet citrus to the fragrance.

Tocca Cleopatra Hand Cream
With your $45+ Tocca order receive a Cleopatra (Grapefruit and Cucumber) Hand Cream. (1 oz – a $5 value!) Apply code: TOCCACLEO

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