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Sophisticated formulas with therapeutic benefits that transform the skin.

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This Works Bodycare

30842-150.jpg This Works - Skin Deep Beauty Oil - 8 ml
Item 30842


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Rose, Neroli & Jasmine delicately scent and nourish skin. A power-packed beauty oil for glossy skin with a deeply enchanting scent.

30840-150.jpg This Works - Perfect Legs Sculpt & Shine - 60 ml
Item 30840


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A sublime highlighter to define & shape limbs with a golden glow. An anti-aging optical illusion enhancing skin radiance and maximizing your dare to bare confidence.

30512-150.jpg This Works - Sleep Plus Dream Body - 75 ml
Item 30512


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A deeply nurturing treatment that replenishes neglected skin and soothes frazzled minds.

30513-150.jpg This Works - Sleep Plus Hair Elixir - 80 ml
Item 30513


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A motion-activated spray to support a restful night’s sleep and promote hair vitality.

30514-150.jpg This Works - Sleep Plus Trouble Shooter - 120 ml
Item 30514


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Targets stubborn skin problems and crepey skin, overnight.

28938-150.jpg This Works - Energy Bank Hand Makeover - 75 ml
Item 28938


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Give hands an instant makeover and help conceal skin imperfections. An innovative blend using soft focus powers with Vitamin E, Blackcurrant oil and Shea Butter to nourish, tighten and brighten.

28939-150.jpg This Works - Energy Bank Body Makeover - 120 ml
Item 28939


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Glow from head to toe with precious oils to supercharge your skin. A highly concentrated blend of 16 essential oils including Rosehip Oil to help fade skin marks. Passion Flower Seed and Gold of Pleasure improve skin tone and elasticity while Jojoba Oil protects and rebalances sensitive skin.

28937-150.jpg This Works - Energy Bank Sun Flash - 30 ml
Item 28937


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Supercharge your skincare with multi-vitamins and a shot of natural color. Chicory Root works like Vitamin D to repair and protect while Vitamins C and E and skin plumping Hyaluronic Acid provide anti- ageing benefits.

28936-150.jpg This Works - Energy Bank Tinted Lips - 10 ml
Item 28936


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A reviving tinted balm that boosts natural lip color. With natural oils, Vitamin E and peptides to help plump and re-define lip contours.

27055-150.jpg This Works - Skin Deep Golden Elixir - 120 ml
Item 27055


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Secret trend this summer, This Works' new skin deep golden elixir is a secret summer tool that includes real 24 carat Gold to enhance skin, giving it a subtle yet sophisticated glow. Hydrating and nourishing, this Aloe Vera and Chamomile serum enables silky smooth, youthful skin after just one use.

22861-150.jpg This Works - Enjoy Multi Tasking Lotion - 120 ml
Item 22861


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A lotion with a rich blend of Shea Butter and exotic essential oils that feeds undernourished skin leaving it smooth and supple with long lasting hydration.

19163-150.jpg This Works - Perfect Hands Intense Moisture - 75 ml
Item 19163


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A multiple award-winning hand cream to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and keep hands young looking.

22864-150.jpg This Works - Perfect Heels Rescue Balm - 75 ml
Item 22864


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A powerful regenerating balm which prevents and repairs cracked heels and dry feet.

22850-150.jpg This Works - Perfect Legs Gradual Tan with Bonus Perfect Heels Rescue Balm - 120 ml
Item 22850


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For a Limited Time - this item arrives with a Deluxe 50 ml This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm!

Perfecting and repairing serum that gradually builds up a natural-looking tan while giving a subtle shimmer and an instant summer glow.

22849-150.jpg This Works - Perfect Legs Skin Miracle with Bonus Perfect Heels Rescue Balm - 120 ml
Item 22849


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For a Limited Time - this item arrives with a Deluxe 50 ml This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm!

Instantly transforms legs while repairing skin imperfections.

22860-150.jpg This Works - Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil - 120 ml
Item 22860


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An ultra-moisturizing formula that transforms dry, dull limbs into legs ready to bare.

22862-150.jpg This Works - Skin Deep Youth Elixir - 120 ml
Item 22862


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Non-greasy, rapidly absorbed, antioxidant serum to age-proof, hydrate and beautify the skin.

23767-150.jpg This Works - Deep Sleep Night Oil - 120 ml
Item 23767


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This sumptuous non-greasy, easily absorbed body oil helps you relax after a long day. Helps lull you to sleep, feel relaxed, hydrated and gently scented after your night-time bath or shower. Provencal Lavender helps hypertension, nervous tension and insomnia, Vetiver and Chamomile brings peace and wellbeing.

29812-150.jpg This Works - In Transit Balancing Body Lotion - 300 ml
Item 29812


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Fast- absorbing with an uplifting fragrance of Bergamot and Lime. Non-sticky, leaving skin soft and radiant. A balancing body lotion for all-over hydration.

Pedicure Season!
Enjoy a 50 ml travel size This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm - free with your $50 or more This Works purchase! Enjoy this fast-acting treatment with a powerful composition with Cotton Thistle and Flavanoids that quickly repair damaged skin and reconstruct the natural skin barrier, transforming badly cracked and dry skin into healthy, hydrated, younger-looking feet.

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