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Sophisticated formulas with therapeutic benefits that transform the skin.

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This Works Bodycare

27055-150.jpg This Works - Skin Deep Golden Elixir - 120 ml
Item 27055


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Secret trend this summer, This Works' new skin deep golden elixir is a secret summer tool that includes real 24 carat Gold to enhance skin, giving it a subtle yet sophisticated glow. Hydrating and nourishing, this Aloe Vera and Chamomile serum enables silky smooth, youthful skin after just one use.

22861-150.jpg This Works - Enjoy Multi Tasking Lotion - 120 ml
Item 22861


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A lotion with a rich blend of Shea Butter and exotic essential oils that feeds undernourished skin leaving it smooth and supple with long lasting hydration.

17358-150.jpg This Works - Perfect Cleavage Firming Lotion - 60 ml
Item 17358


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An award winning lotion which tightens and hydrates, keeping your cleavage looking young, firm and radiant.

19163-150.jpg This Works - Perfect Hands Intense Moisture - 75 ml
Item 19163


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A multiple award-winning hand cream to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and keep hands young looking.

22864-150.jpg This Works - Perfect Heels Rescue Balm - 75 ml
Item 22864


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A powerful regenerating balm which prevents and repairs cracked heels and dry feet.

22850-150.jpg This Works - Perfect Legs Gradual Tan - 120 ml
Item 22850


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Perfecting and repairing serum that gradually builds up a natural-looking tan while giving a subtle shimmer and an instant summer glow.

22849-150.jpg This Works - Perfect Legs Skin Miracle - 120 ml
Item 22849


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Instantly transforms legs while repairing skin imperfections.

16036-150.jpg This Works - Really Rich Firming Lotion - 200 ml
Item 16036


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A luxury multi-purpose lotion that feeds undernourished skin and enhances skin radiance.

22860-150.jpg This Works - Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil - 120 ml
Item 22860


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An ultra-moisturizing formula that transforms dry, dull limbs into legs ready to bare.

22862-150.jpg This Works - Skin Deep Youth Elixir - 120 ml
Item 22862


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Non-greasy, rapidly absorbed, antioxidant serum to age-proof, hydrate and beautify the skin.

23767-150.jpg This Works - Deep Sleep Night Oil - 120 ml
Item 23767


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This sumptuous non-greasy, easily absorbed body oil helps you relax after a long day. Helps lull you to sleep, feel relaxed, hydrated and gently scented after your night-time bath or shower. Provencal Lavender helps hypertension, nervous tension and insomnia, Vetiver and Chamomile brings peace and wellbeing.

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