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Indulgent, contemporary and effective aromatherapy for modern lives.

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This Works Bath & Shower

30513-150.jpg This Works - Sleep Plus Hair Elixir - 80 ml
Item 30513


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A motion-activated spray to support a restful night’s sleep and promote hair vitality.

30337-150.jpg This Works - Energy Bank Bath Oil - 100 ml
Item 30337


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An energy blockbuster for renewed vitality morning and evening. Recharge your senses with a sensual fusion of spa strength essential oils. A mood-enhancing beauty oils that softens skin and fills your bathroom with its uplifting scent.

28940-150.jpg This Works - Energy Bank Shower Gel - 250 ml
Item 28940


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Supercharge your day with a mood-boosting sulphate free body wash. An aromatherapeutic blend with Geranium to help rebalance, Ylang Ylang to restore vitality and Rosemary to stimulate the body and mind.

27227-150.jpg This Works - Deep Sleep Bath Oil - 100 ml
Item 27227


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A multi award-winning bath oil to clear your mind and soothe you to sleep. Discover the ultimate bedtime indulgence, new deep sleep bath oil, now with a stunning new look.

23766-150.jpg This Works - Deep Sleep Shower Gel - 250 ml
Item 23766


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The perfect shower-time treat to help you prepare for a peaceful night's sleep. Vetiver, Chamomile and Lavender calm and soothe, and Coconut Oil soften and protect the skin. Free from sulphates, alcohol and artificial fragrances and colors.

22868-150.jpg This Works - Deep Sleep Bath Soak - 200 g
Item 22868


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A relaxing pulse point balm with aromatherapeutic benefits to help you unwind and enjoy a better night’s sleep.

29811-150.jpg This Works - In Transit Reviving Shower Gel - 300 ml
Item 29811


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Gentle, sulfate- free cleansing with uplifting Bergamot and Lime. A refreshing shower gel which leaves skin moisturized, soft and lightly fragranced.

Pedicure Season!
Enjoy a 50 ml travel size This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm - free with your $50 or more This Works purchase! Enjoy this fast-acting treatment with a powerful composition with Cotton Thistle and Flavanoids that quickly repair damaged skin and reconstruct the natural skin barrier, transforming badly cracked and dry skin into healthy, hydrated, younger-looking feet.

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