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THE LAUNDRESS was born out of necessity and practicality. Frustrated with dingy white t-shirts, tricky delicates and chemically treated cashmeres, the founders researched and developed their own solutions to simplify and master the art of laundry. Valuing the importance of properly cared for clothing and home linens, The Laundress product collection was created to be a luxurious experience for a necessary domestic chore.

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The Laundress Travel Friendly Sizes 3 oz or Less

27993-150.jpg The Laundress - Wash & Stain Bar (Classic) - 2 oz
Item 27993


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The Wash & Stain Bar was designed to clean those hard-to-reach stains from “ring around the collar” to tricky underarms, delicate straps, and more. You'll love this product for spot treating clothing and upholstery, hand washing, and laundering on-the-go. Great for travel, airplane friendly.

The start-to-finish laundering collection in Classic scent is the ultimate "clean laundry smell," blending lily of the valley and jasmine with sweet musk, sandalwood, and a touch of citrus.

22170-150.jpg The Laundress - Crease Release (Classic) - 2 oz
Item 22170


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We've learned from experience that stuffing closets and suitcases makes wrinkles unavoidable. Use THE LAUNDRESS Crease Release in Classic scent for simple wrinkle removal. It is the solution to reduce steaming and ironing by relaxing fabrics without weakening them. PLEASE NOTE: Product is normally prone to separation, please shake before use. Non-toxic, biodegradable, allergen free.

20943-150.jpg The Laundress - Static Solution (Classic) - 2 oz
Item 20943


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THE LAUNDRESS Static Solution was created to prevent those moments. THE LAUNDRESS Static Solution in our Classic scent will freshen and release static. A necessary product to carry at all times.

19615-150.jpg The Laundress - Home Spray (247 Home Scent) - 2 oz
Item 19615


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We know how important it is to keep every room in your home clean and fresh. The Laundress Home Spray was developed to be a non-toxic cleanser with anti-bacterial properties to help eliminate odors and freshen with our home scent No247 - a clean and refreshing blend of bergamot, thyme, lavender, musk and ylang ylang. This product can be used in every room throughout the home from your kitchen to your bedroom closets.

19617-150.jpg The Laundress - Dish Detergent Packette (247 Home Scent) - 1 packette
Item 19617


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The Laundress Dish Detergent was developed to have one product that could be used for both hand dishwashing and the dishwasher. This product unlike other brands combines a high percentage of active ingredients, such as, enzymes. This is a low sudsing formula which is gentle on hands yet powerful enough to remove grease, baked on food and general cooking messes. This product is scented with home scent No247 - a clean and refreshing blend of bergamot, thyme, lavender, musk and ylang ylang.

27994-150.jpg The Laundress - Sweater Stone - 1 pc
Item 27994


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This natural volcanic Sweater Stone easily removes unsightly pills renewing the finish of heavier-knit sweaters, blankets, upholstery, and more. The gentle pumice picks up pills while leaving renewed yarns behind.

27995-150.jpg The Laundress - Cashmere Brush - 1 pc
Item 27995


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Ideal for removing lint and brushing the fine yarns in between wearing and washing. This brush will last a lifetime and keep your woolens just as long!

19622-150.jpg The Laundress - Scrub Brush - 1 pc
Item 19622


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Made with natural Tampico bristles and an ergonomic wooden handle makes general cleaning and getting to hard to reach areas easier & more effective. Great for bathroom tile, toilets and kitchen floors. Stamped with The Laundress New York Home Cleaning, made in the USA. Size is 1 1/8” x 10 ¼”

19620-150.jpg The Laundress - Lint Free Cleaning Cloths - 3 pcs
Item 19620


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1 set of 3 white 100% cotton lint free cleaning cloths for spot treating on clothing and upholstery or for cleaning glass, windows, dishes and more. Designed for optimal results with less waste - just wash and reuse. Each cloth is 19” x 28.5”

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