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"Tea as a symbol of hospitality and friendship is enchanting, and still carries me away as much as it used to. What I love most in the world is to share the passion for tea with others; exchanging, discussing, conversing, comparing and chatting about the flavor of a recently discovered rare tea, the color of its brew and what its leaves look like...

"For terre d'Oc, I have chosen rich and balanced teas from organic farming, from the most prestigious origins (China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan), declined in all grades and colors (white, green, wu-long, red, black); top-of-the-range teas with refined, pronounced and diversified flavors and fragrances. Along with these classical teas, I have chosen a range of very elaborate and exclusive blends of teas with the natural aromas of flowers and fruit, to be drunk hot or iced and which take us to the most beautiful plantations in the world!"

-- Oliver Scala

Terre d'Oc

25717-150.jpg Terre d'Oc - Organic Chinese White Tea - 1.41 oz
Item 25717


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Bai Mu Dan (White Peony) is made up of the terminal bud and one leaf and has an incredible volume. It is harvested in the spring and its very dry, discreet fragrance makes you think of dried flowers.

Since white tea is a luxury, the offering of tea in China is purely a mark of politeness and respect for the visitor. tea is often offered in summer for its refreshing taste.

25719-150.jpg Terre d'Oc - Japanese Genmaicha Green Tea - 3.52 oz
Item 25719


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The Cha No Yu ceremony plays an important role in the art of Japanese hospitality and is only for exceptional occasions. The rest of the time, green tea is a very popular drink in Japan and is shared on many occasions and throughout the day. Genmaïcha is a very old traditional tea made from Sencha green tea and roasted rice grains with a very original fine and delicate taste of grilled green hazelnuts.

25720-150.jpg Terre d'Oc - Vietnamese Jasmin Green Tea - 3.52 oz
Item 25720


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According to the ancient tradition established by the imperial court in Hué, tea is drunk in threes. The necessary utensils are a tea tin, a jug of pure water, a kettle, an earthenware teapot, a large bowl and three small ones. This tradition, once reserved for the nobles, has become popular and cultural; a teapot is always ready under its cozy to greet a visitor or to enjoy with family and friends. To be served very hot and very sweet.

25721-150.jpg Terre d'Oc - Organic Mint Green Tea - 3.52 oz
Item 25721


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Desert nomads offer mint tea to the visitor passing through according to an unchanging ritual: three infusions are successively served in small glasses from the sweetest to the most bitter. These three teas symbolize life, love and death.
The tea is poured into a glass with an up and down movement of the teapot to make it froth.

24398-150.jpg Terre d'Oc - Indian Chai Masala Black Tea - 3.52 oz
Item 24398


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“Chai masala” is prepared with black tea which is boiled with sugar in milk and spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and ginger. This thick, syrupy nectar can be drunk at all times of day.
All over India, the traveler passing through is offered tea as a welcome, and everywhere, Indians get together in the streets with friends in front of the travelling stalls to sip tea and chat.

24397-150.jpg Terre d'Oc - Organic Vanilla Flavored Rooibos Tea - 3.52 oz
Item 24397


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The red tea from South Africa.
The San, first inhabitants of South Africa, have been drinking and cultivating rooibos for a long time in the region of West Cape. Often mistakenly named “red tea”, the rooibos infusion is highly appreciated for its anti oxidizing properties and mineral salt content.
Free of caffeine, its sweet nut, vanilla flavors makes it a very refreshing drink, served to travelers in the Cedarberg Mountains as a sign of hospitality.

24396-150.jpg Terre d'Oc - Vanilla & Caramel Flavored Black Tea - 3.52 oz
Item 24396


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In the United Kingdom, tea is a very special moment, an appetizing and invigorating break. Teatime is also a tradition of sharing and hospitality, an opportunity to prepare a little ceremony with scones, muffins, and citrus marmalades. Inspired by the traditional blends, this very strong black is softened by the appetizing aroma of creamy caramel and vanilla pod. A delicious amber-colored tea drunk with a drop of milk and perfect for the afternoon tea break.

24399-150.jpg Terre d'Oc - Discovery Set of 6 Teas - 6 x 1.7 oz
Item 24399


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This collection of teas tells a story of travels over the mountains, the steppes and the oceans and of the meeting of different, faraway cultures. It gathers peoples from all over the world together and invites you to travel to meet them by drinking a cup in a gesture of conviviality and hospitality.

Spicy Organic Black Tea from India
Organic Black Uzbek-style Almond & Pistachio Tea
Organic Earl Grey Tea from China
Organic Russian Style Citrus Flavored Black Tea
Organic Mint-flavored Tuareg Green Tea
Organic Cinnamon Tea from Sri Lanka

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