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Founded in 2000 by Jean-Claude Ellena and Thierry De Baschmakoff (designer), The Different Company has successfully established itself in the market of the Haute Parfumerie with a unique signature: a brand that defies the codes of perfumery by celebrating the pleasure of the senses and the beauty of trails.

Today, The Different Company embodies the Haute Parfumerie in its most noble meaning. The brand yearns to explore new territories of creation, and extract its quintessence. The Different Company always scrupulously makes sure to create trails without accepting any compromise with product excellence, by letting the creators totally free and by always exploring further.

The Different Company beauty is an attitude, a quest for perfection that magnifies an olfactory sense of the difference. The fragrances tell their desire to be unique and modern, while existing only to appeal because they believe above all that the pleasure is the purpose of the perfume.


The Different Company - L'Esprit Cologne

23002-150.jpg The Different Company - After Midnight Eau de Toilette - 90 ml
Item 23002


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In the Heart of the Night
This sensual Cologne has to be worn at night to reveal all its charms. A dense, luminous and shining fragrance, with intoxicating spices gets smoother along the way on an amber and sensual base that keeps its promises. For those who dare, a lustful cologne.
Sensual, Enveloping, Atypical.

Key Notes:
Head: Bergamot, Angelica roots, Neroli.
Heart: Iris, Lentisc, White jasmine.
Base: Labdanum, Benzoin, Amber wood.

25129-150.jpg The Different Company - Kâshân Rose Eau de Toilette - 90 ml
Item 25129


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The Eternal East
A surprising fragrance, this floral eau de toilette embodies a Persian Rose, celebrated during a Rose Festival in May in the city of Kashan, the first oasis in the region. The scent comes along with fruity and spice fresh head notes (lychee, Cardamom and Rose Berries). The floral heart unveils a sublime Rose, which reflects a thousand years know how. The Ambrette seed bring altogether a reassuring and enveloping angle. Its softness is widely appreciated in the Far East, land of wisdom.

Key Notes:
Head: Sage, Pink Peppercorn, Lychee.
Heart: Rose, Hawtorn, Peony.
Base: Ambrette seed, Sandalwood, Musk.

23001-150.jpg The Different Company - Limon de Cordoza Eau de Toilette - 90 ml
Item 23001


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Kingdom of White Neroli
In a whirl of zesty citrusy notes, this perfume unfolds thd flamboyant start, sustained by chiseled spicy mint leaves. In the base notes, the powerful and intense patchouli brings its elegance and refinement. A tribute to the imaginary Kingdom of White Neroli.
Sparkling, intense, citrusy.

Key Notes:
Head: Bitter orange, Zest of mandarin orange, Mint.
Heart: White Neroli, Freesia.
Base: Patchouli leaves, Vetiver, Gaiac wood.

23004-150.jpg The Different Company - Sienne d'Orange Eau de Toilette - 90 ml
Item 23004


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A Tuscan Summer.
A lighthearted fragrance with a joyful orange and carrot accord. This wave of freshness with powdery iris floral notes is the most elegant and sophisticated Cologne ever. With a touch of white leather in the base notes, it reveals its utmost luxury.
Elegant, Creative, Fruity.

Key Notes:
Head: Orange From Italia, Green Cardamom.
Heart: Carrot essential oil, Iris.
Base: White Leather, Musk, Apricot wood.

25130-150.jpg The Different Company - South Bay Eau de Toilette - 90 ml
Item 25130


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A Party Fragrance in Miami
Intensely sparkling, this eau de Toilette unveils a woody architecture behind its fresh head notes. The heart is based on the Grapefruit wood which brings backbone to the perfume. A touch of Daim in the bottom notes splendidly underlines the Sandalwood.

Key Notes:
Head: Grapefruit, Mandarine leaves, Tamarine.
Heart: Grapefruit tree, Eglantine, Freesia.
Base: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Daim.

23003-150.jpg The Different Company - Tokyo Bloom Eau de Toilette - 90 ml
Item 23003


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A Japanese Spring.
A pure splash, this three-step green whiff (Galbanum, Basil, Dandelion) refreshes the mind and evolves into a comfortable fragrance. Star Jasmine and Cyclamen petals taint this Cologne with a soft light, and the overdosed Musk reveals a deep sensual feeling.
Sophisticated, Sweet, Fresh.

Key Notes:
Head: Basil, Dandelion, Blackcurrant.
Heart: Jasmine, Cyclamen petals.
Base: Gaiac wood, Musk, Amber.

25131-150.jpg The Different Company - White Zagora Eau de Toilette - 90 ml
Item 25131


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A Fresh Oasis
This sensual oriental fragrance is based on an Orange Flower accord and brings us in a land, far far away…The spicy start unveils a round and sensual heart notes combination around the Orange Flower and dressed by a duo of Tuberose and Peach Flower. The amber-musk accord in the bottom notes sustain the sensuous notes of the fragrance.

Key Notes:
Head: Neroli, Citrus, Bergamot.
Heart: Blossom Orange, Peach Flower, Tuberose.
Base: Osmanthus, White Musk, Amber.

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