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The Different Company was born with this century, to offer rare and exceptional products.

The brand eschews conventional wisdom, while respecting certain rules for true luxury, precious and identifiable: quality, craftsmanship, difference, materials, rarity and modernity.

Jean-Claude Ellena, Creator of Perfumes:

"The perfumes I create for The Different Company all have a unique olfactory signature. Each element has got to be both rare and of very high quality. In keeping with the brand, whose vocation is to get back to the pleasure of the eye, the nose and the hand.

No compromises! Each perfume is based on an exceptional base component - raw materials honed in a totally new way.
For the creator, that means returning to this great feeling of freedom that we haven't seen in the perfume world since a few exceptional fragrances created in the 1970s."


The Different Company - La Collection Classique

20809-150.jpg The Different Company - Bergamote Eau de Toilette - 50 ml
Item 20809


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The timeless elegance.

The lemony freshness of Bergamot is combined with Ginger for a spicy, luscious note, then enhanced by Orange Blossom to heighten its softness. The fragrance is enveloped by Rhubarb and Musk prolonging the pleasure indefinitely.
Elegant, fresh and luminous.

Key Notes:
Head: Bergamot, Ginger.
Heart: Orange Blossom, Green Notes.
Base: Rhubarb, Musk.

24818-150.jpg The Different Company - Bois d'Iris Eau de Toilette - 50 ml
Item 24818


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Magnificent and noble Iris
A unique composition which sets off under the spicy breeze of Geranium and Cardamom before unfurling the sumptuous notes of Iris Palida, enhanced by the elegance of Cedar Wood.
Intense, vibrant and sensual.

Key Notes:
Head: Bergamot, Iris.
Heart: Geranium, Ylang-Ylang, Coriander.
Base: Cedarwood, Leather, Vetiver.

20358-150.jpg The Different Company - De Bachmakov Eau de Parfum - 90 ml
Item 20358


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A journey through the frozen Siberian forests.

A fragrance with a tart freshness – Coriander Leaf and Bergamot reveal bitter, green cold facets creating a perfect alchemy transcended by the pulsating strength of Cedar Wood.
Vibrant and pungent.

Key Notes:
Head: Coriander Leaves, Bergamot, Fig.
Heart: Shiso Leaves, Nutmeg, White Freesia.
Base: Cedarwood, Amber.

22459-150.jpg The Different Company - Jasmin de Nuit Eau de Toilette - 50 ml
Item 22459


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A completely irresistible sensuous amber-jasmine.

A constellation of scents where sparkling notes of Star Anise and Mandarin illuminate the luscious notes of Egyptian Jasmine absolute on a soft, warm bed of Golden Amber.
Sparkly and delicious.

Key Notes:
Head: Star Anise, Bergamot, Mandarin.
Heart: Jasmine absolute, Cinnamon, Cardamom.
Base: Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli.

19235-150.jpg The Different Company - Oriental Lounge Eau de Toilette - 50 ml
Item 19235


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An extraordinarily sensual amber.

Oriental Lounge plays on contrasts, creating a perplexing balance between the fresh softness of Caloupilé leaf, the intoxicating caress of Satinwood and the burning depth of Amber.
Mysterious and incandescent.

Key Notes:
Head: Kaloupilé Leaves, Bergamot, Pepper.
Heart: Red Rose, Satinwood.
Base: Tonka Bean, Labdanum, Amber.

20810-150.jpg The Different Company - Osmanthus Eau de Toilette - 50 ml
Item 20810


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A delicate and completely irresistible musky floral.

A poetic composition celebrating the fragile beauty of this small Chinese flower. Bergamot and Mandarin bathe the fragrance in delicious freshness on an infinitely warm bed of Musky Rose.
Delicious and refined.

Key Notes:
Head: Bergamot, Mandarin, Green Notes.
Heart: Osmanthus, Jasmine, Geranium.
Base: Musk, Rose.

20796-150.jpg The Different Company - Pure eVe Eau de Parfum - 50 ml
Item 20796


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*Formerly known as Pure Virgin.

Just pure.

A surprisingly fresh, pure and smooth composition. Accented by evanescent Musk, the fragrance lets the soft, sweet scent of Flax Blossom and Calisson escape for a fresh, comfortable skin scent sensation.
Sensual and lush.

Key Notes:
Head: Aldehydes.
Heart: Linen Flower, Mimosa, White Rose.
Base: Calisson, Cedarwood, Musk.

19234-150.jpg The Different Company - Rose Poivrée Eau de Toilette - 50 ml
Item 19234


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You may still order - you will not be charged until item ships.

The Elixir fragrance.

The most emblematic flower plays the diva, adorning its delicate freshness with the magnetic power of spice to create a whirl of unsettling, hypnotic sensuality like a magic potion.
A unique, rare composition. A new interpretation of the Rose.

Key Notes:
Head: Black Pepper, Pink Berries, Coriander.
Heart: Damascus Rose, Rosa Centifolia.
Base: Vetiver, Civet.

20811-150.jpg The Different Company - Sel de Vetiver Eau de Toilette - 50 ml
Item 20811


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A spectacular encounter between Vetiver and Sea Salt.

The spicy and invigorating freshness of Cardamom and Grapefruit. The beauty of Haitian and Bourbon Vetiver: fresh, piquant, woody and smoky. The fascinating originality of a Sea Salt accord: solar and mesmerizing.
A daring fragrance, uniquely interpreted by the wearer.

Key Notes:
Head: Cardamom, Bergamot, Grapefruit.
Heart: Vetiver, Geranium, Ylang.
Base: Sea Salt, Haïti Vetiver, Iris.

18523-150.jpg The Different Company - Sublime Balkiss Eau de Toilette - 50 ml
Item 18523


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The essence of seduction in a chypre with a lively, modern composition.

A chypre without Oak Moss offering a fabulous bouquet of delicate, velvety Violet Leaves, Damascus Rose and mysterious, warm Patchouli.
Fascinating, elusive and moving.

Key Notes:
Head: Violet Leaves from Egypt, Bergamot.
Heart: Damascus Rose from Bulgaria, Blackcurrant, Lily of the Valley, Lilac.
Base: Patchouli, Heather, Cocoa Powder.

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