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The road from bloom to bottle has been a remarkable journey for Summersent founder, Marjorie Kitzrow - part poet, part muse, part fragrance visionary. The fragrance concept grew out of a dinner conversation in June 2003, when a friend described a mysterious fragrant blossom in her garden. After Kitzrow smelled the mysterious bloom at the Chicago Botanic Garden, the name and vision of the Summersent brand immediately came to her mind.

Kitzrow created Marjorie Midgarden Fragrances, an independent prestige fragrance company out of Evanston, Illinois and after three years of development debuted the Summersent fragrance and brand.

Kitzrow’s marketing principles remain attuned to the soul of the buyer, the part of the consumer that recognizes something unusual, awakens the imagination, and encourages a step into a dream.

And so it stands to reason that the zenith of Marjorie’s long and creative career should come in the form of her own fragrance of a dream... SUMMERSENT. Beauty, quality, dignity and an underlying respect. A Marjorie Midgarden scent of dreams.

With over 30 years of experience in brand marketing for companies on a national and international level, such as Citibank and Reuters, Kitzrow’s in-depth expertise as a marketing strategist, designer and writer has allowed her to conceptualize and orchestrate branding campaigns, product launches and market positioning programs, earning her reputation as an image maker and revenue builder.

Her background, coupled with her experience as an entrepreneur, puts her in a prime position to handle the creative, marketing, sales and operational challenges inherent to a new business venture into fragrance. Kitzrow has accessed a lean and effective team of trusted vendors to produce the Summersent collection, including her creative and production professional team with whom she’s worked with for over 20 years.


20702-150.jpg Summersent - Parfum - 10 ml
Item 20702


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Summersent is an ethereal floral fragrance based on a fairytale, mystical bloom. Designed as a celebration of beauty, intelligence, grace, vision and individuality, Summersent is a tribute to femininity. The inspiration for Summersent is a rare, guarded flower never before used in the fragrance industry. The robust scent of the secretive flower bloom is blended with heart notes of Italian jasmine, Moroccan orange blossom, cassis flower and genet for a rich floral bouquet. A light infusion of mandarin provides a sparkling top note. Fresh petal “greenness” enhances the magical quality of the scent and a blend of White Musks intertwined with a honey nectar accord provides a haunting dry down. Housed in an exquisite glass bottle with sparkling hand-applied Swarovski crystals, Summersent parfum is capped in a crystal dome for optimal pulse point application.

20703-150.jpg Summersent - Body Cream - 118 ml
Item 20703


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Summersent Body Cream, designed to celebrate a woman’s beauty, intelligence, grace, vision and individuality. Summersent Body Cream's indulgent blend of oil and plant extracts work together to create a whimsical experience during each application. Enhanced with the scent of Summersent’s fairytale mystical bloom and notes of Italian jasmine, Moroccan orange blossom, cassis flower, genet and honey nectar, Summersent Body Cream exudes elegance and grants relaxation to the body and mind. Not only enhanced with Summersent Parfum's signature scent, it is also infused with anti-aging ingredients to effectively target skin's needs, add firmness all while indulging the skin leaving the body healthy and moisturized. Summersent Body Cream is housed in exquisite glass packaging adorned with hand-applied Swarovski crystals.

20701-150.jpg Summersent - Eau de Parfum - 60 ml
Item 20701


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Imagine the golden scent of summer surrounding you all seasons. Summersent holds the promise of summer never ending. Unusual in its complexity of notes and mood. The scent is fragrant yet subtle, haunting and ever present, pure, yet softly sensual, deep, mesmerizing, magical and memorable. In its heirloom jeweled packaging, Summersent is truly one of a kind.

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