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Stewart & Claire make small-batch lip balms.

It's an idea that started over cocktails.

While drinking one of Stewart's well-made martinis, it occurred to Claire--a lip balm obsessive--that mixing cocktails is kind of like blending ingredients to create lip balm. After a year or so of tinkering, Claire developed a line of organic, all-natural lip balms that her lips liked better than others on the market.

Of course, for any kind of alchemy, it's important to start with great ingredients; in the case of the lip balm, they use organic oils and butters and golden beeswax. They do not use any artificial flavorings. Instead, the scents come from pure essential oils and botanical-infused oils. For sensitive lips, Stewart & Claire offers a Bare balm, with no added scent at all.

Stewart & Claire lip balms are made by hand in tiny batches and they are constantly dreaming up new ones.

These lip balms are never tested on animals.

Stewart & Claire

30136-150.jpg Stewart & Claire - Limited Edition Chocolate Lip Balm - 4.3 g
Item 30136


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Stewart & Claire created this lip balm in partnership with their friends over at Short Stack Editions to pair with their newly released Chocolate book. Made with Askinosie cocoa powder and organic cocoa butter, this lip balm smells like the best bar of chocolate. Thanks to the addition of organic jojoba and safflower oil, it will moisturize and protect your lips all winter.

27764-150.jpg Stewart & Claire - Mint Julep Lip Scrub - 1 oz
Item 27764


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This super moisturizing lip scrub is made from organic sugar, oils and butters, along with vegetable glycerin to keep it emulsified. The smell is an invigorating blend of mint, cedar and black pepper. It makes a stellar gift for someone you want to kiss.

22736-150.jpg Stewart & Claire - Mint Lip Balm - 4.3 g
Item 22736


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Peppermint essential oil from the Willamette Valley makes this balm nicely cooling. Hemp oil gives it a grassy green hue.

22742-150.jpg Stewart & Claire - La Nuit Lip Balm - 4.3 g
Item 22742


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Stewart & Claire combined three exotic scents, including jasmine, bergamot and peru balsam (the spicy smelling resin from a South American tree) to create one seriously sensual lip balm. Night-blooming jasmine flowers inspired the name.

22739-150.jpg Stewart & Claire - Summer Lip Balm - 4.3 g
Item 22739


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Scented with essential oils of basil, mint, lavender and coriander seed, this fresh balm is reminiscent of your back yard (or fire escape) herb garden.

25296-150.jpg Stewart & Claire - Autumn Lip Balm - 4.3 g
Item 25296


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Ginger, cardamom, black pepper and cinnamon come together in a lip balm inspired by Indian chai and other deliciously spiced things.

22735-150.jpg Stewart & Claire - Coconut Lip Balm - 4.3 g
Item 22735


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Made with extra-virgin coconut oil, this lip balm has a subtle tropical scent and is especially silky.

22740-150.jpg Stewart & Claire - Old Fashioned Lip Balm - 4.3 g
Item 22740


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Scented with cedar, bitter orange and a touch of vanilla and cinnamon, this balm is reminiscent of a bourbon-based drink--or your grandfather's pipe.

22737-150.jpg Stewart & Claire - Bare Lip Balm - 4.3 g
Item 22737


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Our luxurious unscented lip balm is made with rosehip seed oil, which has anti-inflammatory properties, making it great for sensitive or irritated skin.

22741-150.jpg Stewart & Claire - Spring Lip Balm - 4.3 g
Item 22741


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Tarragon's fresh grassy and slightly sweet scent puts us in a spring state of mind.

22738-150.jpg Stewart & Claire - Tiki Lip Balm - 4.3 g
Item 22738


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This coconut-and-citrus-scented lip balm is for anyone craving a tropical drink, without the hangover.

24016-150.jpg Stewart & Claire - Winter Lip Balm - 4.3 g
Item 24016


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This lip balm is rich with cocoa butter, making it great for dry winter lips. Scented with vanilla and cinnamon, it's inspired by Mexican hot chocolate.

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