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Kalastyle / Statement Soaps!

27577-150.jpg Kalastyle / Statement Soaps - Swedish Dream™ Christmas Soap - 141 g
Item 27577

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This creamy white holiday soap is shaped like a snowdome and embossed with the Christmas tree. The high-spirited scents of cinnamon, apple spice, and lavender make the God Jul Tval a charming gift and traditional way to say: GOD JUL! and MERRY CHRISTMAS! to all.

25156-150.jpg Kalastyle / Statement Soaps - Cedar Wood Soap - 5.8 oz
Item 25156


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The Cedar Wood soap with its warm, woody aroma promotes a sense of grounding. The word Cedras means "power" symbolized by the golden axe of the Cedar Wood Soap.
Cedar Wood Oil expands the heart chakra.

24572-150.jpg Kalastyle / Statement Soaps - Swedish Dream Seaweed Soap - 4.3 oz
Item 24572


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Active marine algae extracted from select seaweed acts as a protective moisturizer and nutrient for the skin. The removal of dead surface cells allows the soap to prepare the skin to be moisturized while showering. Swedish Dream Seaweed Soap is a gentle clarifier, removing impurities, leaving the skin ultra fresh and clean.

19601-150.jpg Kalastyle / Statement Soaps - Sunflower Facial Soap - 4 x 50 g
Item 19601


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Swedish Dream Sunflower Facial Soaps are made from a traditional formula of sunflower oil and evening primrose oil. The extract from sunflower seeds is a rich emollient high in essential fatty acids. Combined with evening primrose oil, a rare super-emollient skin nutrient, Sunflower Facial Soap is extremely beneficial in the daily cleansing of very dry or aged facial skin.

21983-150.jpg Kalastyle / Statement Soaps - Dream Sea Salt Soap - 4.3 oz
Item 21983


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Mineral rich salts naturally obtained from sea water are used in the bath because of their tonic action and softening effect on the skin.

Wash with Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap for an invigorating and refreshing shower or lather up for a skin-healthy shave.

19281-150.jpg Kalastyle / Statement Soaps - Hope Soap - 9 oz
Item 19281

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Be full of hope, it will brighten your heart. Shower with the Hope Soap for a daily fresh start. Hope, be full of it. Lily pear and violet extract fragrance. Made with organic aloe vera juice.

17410-150.jpg Kalastyle / Statement Soaps - Vote Soap - 9 oz
Item 17410


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Take a shower with this soap - it's good for you - so is your vote - so do both!

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