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This is not just another "Natural" Skincare line!

Simply Divine Botanicals is the heartchild of Master Herbalist and Natural Healer Barbara Rogers. The name of the line comes from the happenstance that made a dream of creating pure potions into a reality beyond scientific imagination.

Dedicated to health and healing, (Barbara opened the first Raw Food restaurant in Las Vegas) when she realized the effects of harmful chemicals applied to the skin, her quest began. One night in an act of Divine Intervention the answer was given to Barbara and the first product, Creme de Rose was born, and the formulas continue to come. Since that day, her handcrafted, Reiki-energized skincare has drawn people from all over the world, not just for the healing qualities of these potent, heart-centered products, but for the generosity of spirit of this inspired woman.

These health and beauty products are free from synthetic additives and are 100% chemical free. If this is your first time using Simply Divine Botanicals, may we suggest you purchase the Trial Sizes or Kit so that you can get better acquainted with these amazing products.


Simply Divine Botanicals Skin Care

18930-150.jpg Simply Divine Botanicals - Get Acquainted Kit - 1 set
Item 18930


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The ideal introductory kit to the Simply Divine Botanicals line!

18940-150.jpg Simply Divine Botanicals - Pack Your Bags They're Leaving! Instant Gratification Eye Gel - 1 oz
Item 18940


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This eye gel was created to reduce puffiness under and above eye area. This product works by activating acupuncture meridians to strengthen kidney function.

18931-150.jpg Simply Divine Botanicals - Sea Weed Trial Pack Treatment Duo - 2 pcs
Item 18931


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This sampler includes trial sizes of Face The Day Firming Serum & Plump up the Volume - each enriched with seaweed to leave skin immediately smoother and softer (seaweed grabs and holds moisture). Benefits are usually seen and felt immediately and cumulatively. Great for reversing sun damage while helping skin to be more UV tolerant. Science shows that what we apply to our skin may be assimilated up to 10 times more efficiently than if taken by mouth. Skincare with health benefits!

18946-150.jpg Simply Divine Botanicals - Amazing Face Rejuvenating Moisturizer - 2 oz
Item 18946


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Suitable for Normal/Combination skin. Amazing Face, what else can be said? With its luxurious sandalwood/lemongrass fragrance and its ability to absorb quickly it will soon become your favorite day cream. A great companion to the Creme de Rose which is just heavenly as a night cream.

18933-150.jpg Simply Divine Botanicals - Black Velvet Fabulous Foaming Facial Cleanser - 4 oz
Item 18933


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Benefits all skin types, dry to oily. May help with Blemishes, Large Pores and Discoloration. Removes most makeup, heals and prevents blemishes, cleanses excess oils and debris, minimizes the appearance of large pores and leaves the skin feeling like "velvet". What more can you ask and all you have to do is wash your face?

18942-150.jpg Simply Divine Botanicals - Creme de Rose Heavenly Facial Moisturizer - 2 oz
Item 18942


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Suitable for normal to dry, mature & sensitive skin. A luxurious deeply nourishing moisturizing cream that does not clog pores. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, nutrients, anti-oxidants & essential oils. This cream promotes skin cell regeneration, healing, & hydration. These anti-wrinkle & anti-aging effects result in revitalized youthful looking skin without chemicals, or artificial anything!

18932-150.jpg Simply Divine Botanicals - Face The Day! Firming C-Weed Serum - 1 oz
Item 18932


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This firming and rejuvenating serum leaves skin immediately smoother and softer (seaweed grabs and holds moisture). Benefits are usually seen and felt immediately and cumulatively. Great for reversing sun damage while helping skin to be more UV tolerant. Science shows that what we apply to our skin may be assimilated up to 10 times more efficiently than if taken by mouth. Skincare with health benefits!

18948-150.jpg Simply Divine Botanicals - Gypsy Rose Tea Toner/Astringent - 8 oz
Item 18948


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Never underestimate the power of a toner! Effective cleansers should not be ph balanced so a toner is needed to restore skin's acid mantle and prepare it to accept treatment. Inspired by a 1500-year old formula made by Gypsies for the Queen of Hungary. This blend is infused for six weeks. While our Tea is gentle enough for dry and delicate skin, it works marvels for keeping oily skin feeling fresh all day. Use for enlarged pores, cuts, rashes, and sunburn too.

18950-150.jpg Simply Divine Botanicals - Honey I Shrunk the Pores! Skin Polish - 4 oz
Item 18950


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Biologically Active skin polish. A densely formulated, honey rich exfoliant with fruit enzymes and the texture of raspberry jam. May tighten skin, minimize enlarged pores, eat away dead skin cells, disinfect and act as a humectant. Now those with dry/sensitive skin can exfoliate too! This is a divine balancing treatment for all skin types.

18952-150.jpg Simply Divine Botanicals - Peel Me a Papaya Enzymatic Exfoliant - 3 oz
Item 18952


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This very effective exfoliant uses a combination of Green Papaya Powder and Coconut Milk to smooth and even your skin. Kaolin Clay and Organic Cornmeal absorb oils and roll away dead skin cells. Your face will feel sooooo silky smooth.

18937-150.jpg Simply Divine Botanicals - Plump Up the Volume! Facial Mist - 2 oz
Item 18937


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Enhances the efficacy of Face the Day. Seaweed floats in salt water all day with the sun shining upon it yet always remains plump and moist. Using seaweed's ability to grab and hold moisture we added restructured water (for greater penetration) to Face the Day creating a superior spray for supple skin.

18944-150.jpg Simply Divine Botanicals - Rose Du Jour Light & Lovely - 2 oz
Item 18944


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A light & lovely creme for normal, combination and oily skin types.

18938-150.jpg Simply Divine Botanicals - Skincredible! Sandalwood Revitalizing Elixir - 2 oz
Item 18938


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This Sandalwood scented elixir penetrates quickly to smooth and revitalize your skin. Helps smooth wrinkles, treat bruises, balance dry to oily skin, even discoloration, treat scars & blemishes, & soothe itchy, cracked skin. Originally created for Rosacea, but can be used for all types of sensitive skin conditions! Men also love it as an after shave!

18935-150.jpg Simply Divine Botanicals - You Can't Zit Here! Blemish Banishing Foamy Wash - 4 oz
Item 18935


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Black Velvet with a twist. A combination of ingredients specifically designed to treat blemishes: Tamanu oil, Neem oil and Essential oils of Leleshwa and Clove. Improvement is usually noticeable in 2 or 3 days.

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