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Modern glamour with a rootsy feel.

Sheswai Lacquer is FREE of formaldehyde, toluene, and dbp’s, making it less toxic. The caps are made from sustainably harvested wood, grown on family owned tree farms. Sheswai is the first nail polish in the beauty industry to use a custom wood turned cap, thereby reducing the use of plastic. Sheswai Lacquer has set out to create a collection of nail color that is chic and playful, with a naturally glamorous feel. From soft & sheer, bold & bright, or dark & lovely, we trust there is a Sheswai color for everyone. Sheswai Lacquer is lovingly made in the USA.

Sheswai Lacquer Manifesto:
we believe painted nails are wonderful accessories
we believe in hugs and smiles
we believe that boys should paint their nails too
we believe in easy good times
we believe painted fingers and toes don’t need to match
we believe in living eco-chic
we believe in a hand written note…sent in the mail
we believe in magic
we believe in liberty, glamour, and LOVE for all

Sheswai Lacquer

26267-150.jpg Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - Good Vibes - 15 ml
Item 26267


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With this pop of sunshine yellow on your tips & a hipshake, it's sure to make someone smile... it's all about good vibes.

25506-150.jpg Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - Whisper - 15 ml
Item 25506


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A barely there chiffon pink with a soft satin finish...just like a whisper.

24144-150.jpg Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - For Real - 15 ml
Item 24144


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This bone clay putty color is as rich & solid as you are. For real.

24143-150.jpg Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - Dig It - 15 ml
Item 24143


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Vibrant. Magnificent. Green. Is. Good. Dig it.

23519-150.jpg Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - Awesome - 15 ml
Item 23519


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Call it a topcoat, clearly you won't need anything else. It's awesome.

23111-150.jpg Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - Hot Damn - 15 ml
Item 23111


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You asked her to stay and they heard you. The name has changed but the color reigns on. hot damn! Limited Edition.

22379-150.jpg Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - Perfecto! - 15 ml
Item 22379


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With one coat or two this is the perfect color to leave your nails looking clean & pretty. nothing less than...perfecto!

22380-150.jpg Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - So Cute - 15 ml
Item 22380


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Just like her name this soft peachy coral is darling, adorable, and oh-so cute!

22382-150.jpg Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - Stoked - 15 ml
Item 22382


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This chic turquoise is as rich & deep as the sea. Get into it, you’ll be stoked!

22384-150.jpg Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - Totally - 15 ml
Item 22384


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This sophisticated fuchsia is bold, bright, and ‘totally’ fantastic.

22385-150.jpg Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - What - 15 ml
Item 22385


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This dark, gorgeous eggplant/gray will leave you saying...”what.” no question.

22386-150.jpg Sheswai - Nail Lacquer - Yowza - 15 ml
Item 22386


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This fuchsia/purple metallic is a bold punch of color...yowza!

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