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After years of working as a beauty editor in New York for publications such as Harperĺs Bazaar, Elle, and Lucky -- a chance meeting with a perfumer would provoke Katherine Growneyĺs career to take an unexpected turn.

Inspired by the exotic flowers that she grew up with in Hawaii (and a secret obsession with perfume), she began an unusual journey into the world of scent. Years of research would result in Saffron James Parfums, a unique line of complex florals that capture the mystery, humor and beauty of the islands.

The Hawaiian people have always lived in balance and harmony with their environment and have a great dedication to their community. In honor of these traditions, Saffron James Parfums, donates a dollar off every product back to the cultural and environmental preservations of Hawaii.

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Saffron James Parfums

18317-150.jpg Saffron James - NANI Eau de Parfum - 30 ml
Item 18317


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NANI (na-knee): 1. Beauty, glory, splendor. 2. Beautiful flower. 3. Good thing. 4. A fragrance created in honor of Hawaiiʼs last Crown Princess Ka'iulani. 4. An olfactory homage to the Pţkake flower. 5. A stunning Saffron James Parfum, rich with notes of Pţkake, Pink Plumeria, Mimosa, Lotus and Ylang Ylang.

17261-150.jpg Saffron James - P█NONO Eau de Parfum - 30 ml
Item 17261


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P█NONO (pooh-no-no): 1. Filled with sunshine, ever beautiful; flushed red, as the skin (to blush). 2. To make attractive with bright or red colors, to dress or appear gorgeous. 3. An olfactory homage to the Puakenikeni flower. 4. An intoxicating scent with notes of Ylang Ylang, Pikake, Carnation, Vanilla and Tunisian Opium.

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