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ROOTS ROSE RADISH IS AN ARTISANAL COMPANY dedicated to creating sustainable health and beauty care with the highest quality ingredients.

Founded on the idea that people shouldn't sacrifice their bodies for beauty, each formula is crafted only from high performance natural ingredients by a trained Herbalist. With our back to the land approach RRR grows and wildcrafts many plants sought after for their medicinal properties in the formulas; an embodiment of local resourcefulness. The other ingredients are sustainably sourced by certified organic growers. Believing that quality will foster radiance and inspire overall sense of well being, leaving you with stunning results.

All research and development, formulations, packaging, marketing and distribution are done in-house, allowing for quality control every step of the process. Each formula is created by Christian Toscano, an avid cultivator, wildcrafter and Herbalist. She customizes them with emphasis on the plant’s medicinal properties. She draws inspiration from antiquated botanical illustrations, folk herbalism, victorian drawing rooms and french gardens. She then pairs this with the science of herbal medicine and organic permaculture practices. Operating from Los Angeles she cultivates, formulates and manufactures 100% natural premium skin care.

Roots Rose Radish

24151-150.jpg Roots Rose Radish - Vetiver & Lemongrass Solid Perfume - 0.5 oz
Item 24151

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Inspired by liberated and wild friendship on a motorcycle in India. Through the jungles we rode among reeds of lemongrass, while the fields of vetiver were redolent with the pristine earthiness of the tropical jungle. Reminding ourselves of the sweet grounded union that exists among friends; lemongrass’ citrus overtones are kindred to those of smokey vetiver.

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