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• Purity made simple. A touch of shine on your lips will prove to be sensuous, nourishing and addicting.

• Combining nourishing oils and pure mineral pigments, this exotic formula is highly emollient and visibly hydrating, while providing extracellular antioxidant protection.

• Contains Moringa Oil which is a nutrient rich oil due to its natural fatty acid, vitamin A and C properties providing extra cellular anti-oxidant protection. • These will definitely become your newest healthy addiction.

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rms beauty Lip Shine

30848-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip Shine - Content - 5.67 g
Item 30848


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A richly-pigmented classic berry red.

29196-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip Shine - Honest - 5.67 g
Item 29196


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A nude, dusty rose.

24320-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip Shine - Moment - 5.67 g
Item 24320


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A neutral caramel brown, created for Gisele.

27529-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip Shine - Royal - 5.6 g
Item 27529


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A perfect pop of purple with a soft pink base.

24319-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip Shine - Bloom - 5.6 g
Item 24319


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A sheer, youthful pink with the most subtle hint of shimmer.

24322-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip Shine - Sacred - 5.6 g
Item 24322


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The definitive "innocent" red... a true moisturizing rosy-red.

24321-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip Shine - Sublime - 5.6 g
Item 24321


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A sheer, bright fuchsia pink.

30418-150.jpg rms beauty - Master Mixer™ - 4.25 g
Item 30418


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Transforms any product with a universally flattering rose gold tone. Blend with any lip, cheek, eye or highlighting product to instantly double and revolutionize the color palette of your existing makeup bag with just one product. Use alone or mix with Living Luminizer to give a sexy gold shimmer.

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