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• Combining hydration and protection, these mineral colors are beautiful on lips or cheeks and do not bleed.

• Available in unique, natural finishes—ranging from sheer to densely pigmented stains.

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rms beauty Lip2Cheek

27528-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip2Cheek - Curious - 4.25 g
Item 27528


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A bright wearable golden orange.

26155-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip2Cheek - Diabolique - 4.25 g
Item 26155


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Embrace the season's number one beauty trend with this limited edition color. A dark burgundy lip, with this sultry shade. Its rich coloring and intense depth make this hue a must for anyone feeling adventurous.

25614-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip2Cheek - Beloved - 4.25 g
Item 25614


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A true red with just a hint of poppy to suit all skin tones. Gives cheeks a natural rosiness and stains lips with a desirable youthfulness.

24876-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip2Cheek - Demure - 4.25 g
Item 24876


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Demure is a soft pink rose with a hint of mauve that makes a statement!

24308-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip2Cheek - Illusive - 4.25 g
Item 24308


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Matte burnt rose color with a hint of plum. Adds youthfulness back to aging lips.

24306-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip2Cheek - Modest - 4.25 g
Item 24306


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A fresh modern bright berry pink color. More like a lip stain.

24304-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip2Cheek - Promise - 4.25 g
Item 24304


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A warm, salmon-colored pink with a very subtle golden shimmer. More like a lip stain.

24307-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip2Cheek - Smile - 4.25 g
Item 24307


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A modern sheer coral pink shade with a slight 1950s feel. More moisturizing formula.

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