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• Combining hydration and protection, these mineral colors are beautiful on lips or cheeks and do not bleed.

• Available in unique, natural finishes—ranging from sheer to densely pigmented stains.

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rms beauty Lip2Cheek

27528-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip2Cheek - Curious - 4.25 g
Item 27528


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A bright wearable golden orange.

26155-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip2Cheek - Diabolique - 4.25 g
Item 26155


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Embrace the season's number one beauty trend with this limited edition color. A dark burgundy lip, with this sultry shade. Its rich coloring and intense depth make this hue a must for anyone feeling adventurous.

25614-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip2Cheek - Beloved - 4.25 g
Item 25614


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A true red with just a hint of poppy to suit all skin tones. Gives cheeks a natural rosiness and stains lips with a desirable youthfulness.

24876-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip2Cheek - Demure - 4.25 g
Item 24876


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Demure is a soft pink rose with a hint of mauve that makes a statement!

24308-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip2Cheek - Illusive - 4.25 g
Item 24308


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Matte burnt rose color with a hint of plum. Adds youthfulness back to aging lips.

24306-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip2Cheek - Modest - 4.25 g
Item 24306


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A fresh modern bright berry pink color. More like a lip stain.

24304-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip2Cheek - Promise - 4.25 g
Item 24304


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A warm, salmon-colored pink with a very subtle golden shimmer. More like a lip stain.

24307-150.jpg rms beauty - Lip2Cheek - Smile - 4.25 g
Item 24307


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A modern sheer coral pink shade with a slight 1950s feel. More moisturizing formula.

29199-150.jpg rms beauty - Skin2Skin Blush Brush - 1 pc
Item 29199


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The skin2skin blush brush has been designed with ultra-soft bristles on the tip to ensure that just the right amount of color is picked up from your RMS lip2cheek pot. When applied with the skin2skin blush brush, the bristles do not pick up any foundation already on the face, instead the color is pressed into the skin to blend with the existing make-up to create an “airbrush effect” that has only been seen with skin to skin application.

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