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• A veil of sheer, reflective color gives these shadows a moist glowing finish not seen in traditional beauty products.

• Apply minimally with fingertips or brush on dry, unmoisturized eyes by working a small amount of shadow into the skin, just as you would apply a moisturizer.

• These shadows are not guaranteed to be creaseless (depends on eye shape and natural moisture content), but if minimal creasing occurs, simply pat away with your fingertip.

• These self-contouring eye shadows give a fresh youthful look—especially on mature eyes.

• Solar and lunar eye shadows can double as a highlighter or add shimmer to your lips.

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rms beauty Cream Eye Shadow

30927-150.jpg rms beauty - Eye Polish Brush - 1 pc
Item 30927


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This brush is ideal for use with all rms beauty eye polishes and is designed with a rounded, elongated head to get into every angle of the eyelid making a perfect application that is synergistic with the skin. Rose-Marie created this must-have tool for longer-lasting wear and easier blending capabilities for cream shadows.

30926-150.jpg rms beauty - Eye Polish - Lucky - 4.25 g
Item 30926


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A perfect copper with a peach undertone

29197-150.jpg rms beauty - Eye Polish - Myth - 4.25 g
Item 29197


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A mink color in the palest browny taupe.
Its subtle sheer shimmer can be worn alone over the lids (perfect for summer) or even mixed with any lip2cheek or lip shine to create a beautiful new color palette. Addictive as a highlighter for tanned skin for a natural-looking radiant glow.

27526-150.jpg rms beauty - Eye Polish - Inspire - 4.25 g
Item 27526


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Metallic baby blue with a hint of silver - very 60s.

27527-150.jpg rms beauty - Eye Polish - Imagine - 4.25 g
Item 27527


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A dreamy shade of plum.

24303-150.jpg rms beauty - Eye Polish - Karma - 4.25 g
Item 24303


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Rich, dark brown/black color with a hint of silver. Great when used as a smoky eyeliner.

24302-150.jpg rms beauty - Eye Polish - Lunar - 4.25 g
Item 24302


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Creamy white pearl shimmer. Doubles also as a highlighter/lipstick for more of a frosted evening look.

24301-150.jpg rms beauty - Eye Polish - Magnetic - 4.25 g
Item 24301


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A taupe silver shade with a hint of mauve.

24299-150.jpg rms beauty - Eye Polish - Seduce - 4.25 g
Item 24299


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A sensuous, earthy-brown color. Also doubles as a contour.

24300-150.jpg rms beauty - Eye Polish - Solar - 4.25 g
Item 24300


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A warm, antique golden bronze shimmer. Magnetic taupe silver with a hint of mauve.

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